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A6 Enhanced Services Screen Functionality Supporting Plan Creation or Editing (DEV-8310)

Enhanced Services Screen Functionality Supporting Plan Creation or Editing (DEV-8310)

This feature enhances the Aria UI to enable the more efficient selection, configuration, and/or creation of Services to associate with a Plan during Plan creation, or editing.

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans 

A6-Service Number 1.jpg

  1. Click on the Services tab after completing the Details, Plan Relationships, and Billing & Invoicing sections of the Plan screen.

Note: If you plan on including a Cancellation or Minimum Fee Service on your Plan, you need to configure the "Apply Cancellation", and "Apply Minimum Charge" fields within the Billing & Invoicing tab. 

Service Number 2.jpg

The Plan Services screen displays. If no Services were previously selected, as in a new Plan setup, Aria displays the message "No services have been added to this plan".

  1. To add existing Services to a Plan, click on the "Select Existing Services" button or "add existing" link.

Service Numbers 3-4-5-6.jpg

A Services pop-up screen is displayed, and pagination is enabled if the number of Services exceeds 10. This screen is limited to 10 Services per view.

  1. Click on the page arrow keys to page through existing Services. Any previously selected Services will remain "selected" as you page forward or backward.
  2. Click on the Service Name arrow to sort Services alphabetically.
  3. Click on the Service Type up-down arrows to sort Services alphabetically by Service Type.
  4. Click on the up-down arrows within the Service Type search box. Then click on a specific Service Types' checkbox to display only Services having that service type. 


Service Number 7.jpg

  1. To search for a specific Service, or grouping of Services, click within the Service Name search text box, and enter a search string.


Service Numbers 8-9.jpg

  1. Click on the Select button at the top of the screen to associate all services displayed on the screen to the Plan.

Note: Using the Select button at the top of the screen will select only the services displayed on the screen. Use the pagination arrows at the top of screen to move forward or backward to display and select additional Services to associate to the Plan.


  1. Select Services individually by clicking on each Services' associated checkbox.


Service Numbers 9 and 10.jpg

  1. Click on the Select button to add the Services to the Plan.

A6-Service Number 11-12.jpg

The Plan Services screen re-displays with all Services that are currently associated with the Plan.

  1. Click on the "Select Existing Services" button to re-display the Services pop-up screen to add and/or remove Services from the Plan.

Note: Any previously selected Services as shown above will remain "checked" for inclusion on the Plan. 

  1. Click on the "Create New" button to create/add a new Service to this Plan.

A6-Service Numbers 13-14.jpg

  1.  The Create New Service screen is displayed. 

Note: Refer to Create a Service for more information on configuring a new Service.

  1. Click on the Save button to add this new Service to the Plan.

Note: This action also creates a new Service that is available to associate with other Plan offerings. The new Service can be found within > Products > Services.


A6-Service Numbers 15-16-17.jpg

The Plan "Services" screen re-displays with the new Service added.

  1. Click on a Services' red X to remove the Service from the Plan.
  2. A new "Settings" column on the Plan Services screen provides links to configure optional settings per each Service Type.
  3. Click on each Services' Add or Edit link to configure settings for the Service  

Note: An Add/Edit link is NOT displayed for Minimum Fee Services since this Service Type has no configurable options.


Recurring Service Configuration.jpg

Configure each Services' available settings:

Note: Service configuration options vary per Service Type.

  1. Click on the "Save" button to save the settings for each service.

A6-Service Number 19.jpg

  1. Complete Plan setup by adding Rates for selected Services, and Plan Rollovers.  
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