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Generating Client SKDs from Swagger

Generating Client SDKs from Swagger

The Swagger SDKs can be generated in two ways. One way is to generate them using a maven build script with the swagger-codegen maven plugin. The other way is to generate them directly via Java.

Generating Client SDKs with the Swagger-Codegen-Maven-Plugin

Another easy way to generate the SDks in a repeatable way is by using the swagger-codegen-maven-plugin. Using the maven plugin allows the ability to configure the client generation settings so it can be invoked in a repeatable way. In addition to running the generation from a command line, this plugin also allows the ability to generate the SDK from within a maven-supported IDE (like eclipse or IntelliJ)

Prerequisites for generating the SDK:

To generate the SDK, configure a maven build.xml to invoke the generation (see example maven client generation script below as a reference). Ensure that the build.xml file is configured to use the correct settings for the following values in the swagger-codegen maven-plugin configuration section. Some of the configuration parameters are as follows:

  • inputSpec - points to the correct location/name of the target swagger file.
  • language - designates the target code language for the generated SDK (java, php, ruby, etc.).
  • output - designates the target directory for the generated SDK files.

More configuration parameters can be found here.

Then the maven script can be executed as:

mvn clean install

example-client-generation-script.xml is our sample maven script for generating the Aria client with the swagger-codegen maven plugin.

Additional details on the swagger-codegen maven plugin can be found on its github site.

Generating the SDKs from the Java Command Line

Prerequisites for generating the SDK:

Obtaining / Building the generator jar:

git clone
cd swagger-codegen
mvn clean package

The above script builds a swagger-codegen-cli.jar that is found in the modules/swagger-codegen-cli/target subdirectory. This jar will be used in the command to generate the swagger client.

Swagger Codegen can be directly invoked from a command line using a Java command with -D parameters.

java-jar ./swagger-codegen-2.2.1.jar generate \
-i .all_A7_13.0_swagger.json \
-I java \
-o ariaClient

The above example shows a couple of the generate command options:

  • -i is the reference to the swagger file that defines the client API.
  • -I is the type of programming language to generate the client in.
  • -o is the name of the subdirectory for the target client SDK files to be generated.

You can get the full list of available described command options using the help generate command:

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar help generate

Additional details about the Java generate client functionality can be found on the swagger-api github page.

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