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Determines the validity of a credit card by performing an authorization transaction. The default authorization amount is 0 or 1 unit of currency (for example, 0 or $1 USD) depending on payment processor and card type. Please note: In order to use this call, your payment processor must support credit card authorizations.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
account_no long 22 Aria-assigned account identifier. This value is unique across all Aria-managed accounts.
seq_no long 8 The unique bill sequence number.
  alt_pay_method long 2 If you want to use an existing form of payment, leave this field empty and enter the billing_group_no or sequence_no. If you want to use an alternate payment method, enter the appropriate value.   Allowable Values
  billing_group_no long 22 Billing group number
  client_billing_group_id string 100 Client-defined unique identifier for billing group
  CVV long 6 The CVV code for the payment method given
  inTrackingNumber string 40 The XID used for 3DSecure if 3DSecure was used for this authorization
  inAuthValue string 40 The 3DSecure authorization value
  cc_number string 24 Credit card number.
  cc_expire_mm long 2 Expiration month for the credit card payment instrument.
  cc_expire_yyyy long 4 Expiration year for the credit card payment instrument.
  bill_company_name string 100 Company name of the billing contact.
  bill_first_name string 32 First name of the billing contact.
  bill_middle_initial string 2 Middle initial of the billing contact.
  bill_last_name string 100 Last name of the billing contact.
  bill_address1 string 100 First address line of the billing contact.
  bill_address2 string 100 Second address line of the billing contact. If you want to delete existing data in this field, leaving it blank, you must enter a '~' in this field.
  bill_city string 32 City of the billing contact.
  bill_locality string 32 Use this field instead of the state_prov field to designate the state, province or other local designation as appropriate for addresses in all countries other than the United States, Australia, and Canada. This field is ignored for all United States, Australia and Canada addresses.
  bill_state_prov string 10 State or Province of the billing contact. The official postal-service codes for all United States, Australia and Canada states, provinces, and territories. This field does not support states, provinces or territories from other countries. Use the locality field for other countries.
  bill_zip string 16 Zip Code of the billing contact
  bill_country string 2 Country of the billing contact. The ISO-compliant 2-character country code abbreviation in uppercase.
  bill_email string 320 Email of the billing contact.
  bill_phone string 25 Phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_phone_extension string 20 Phone extension of the billing contact.
  bill_cell_phone string 20 Cell phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_work_phone string 25 Work phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_work_phone_extension string 20 Work phone extenstion of the billing contact
  currency_cd string 3 The 3-character ISO-compliant currency code in lowercase for monetary values used in the context of this API method. By default, this is the default currency associated with the account, but can represent an alternate currency_cd.
  acct_group_no long 8 The collections account group for this account
  client_acct_group_id string 100 The client-assigned group ID
  bill_address3 string 100 The third line of the billing address.
  alt_client_acct_group_id string 100 One-time collections account group to use for this specific call. Default collections group on the account is not changed.
  track_data1 string 300 Raw "track 1" data from a swiped credit card used in a card-present transaction to initiate this request
  track_data2 string 300 Raw "track 2" data from a swiped credit card used in a card-present transaction to initiate this request
  alt_caller_id string 30 Person or process that submitted the API call. This can be someone's user ID, or the name of an application.
  optional_transaction_qualifiers array   Array of additional values you can associate with this API call.
  qualifier_name string 100 Name of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  qualifier_value string 100 Corresponding value of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  fraud_filter long 1

Enables or disables fraud filtering. If no value is provided, the system will default to 2.

To use fraud filtering, you must have it enabled and configured in your payment gateway. Contact your payment gateway representative for setup information and additional documentation.

Allowable Values

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
proc_cvv_response string The processor return code from CVV validation.
proc_avs_response string Processor return code from address validation
proc_cavv_response string The processors return code for security validation.
proc_status_code string The processor status code
proc_status_text string The processors status description
proc_payment_id string The processor payment ID
proc_auth_code string Authorization code provided by the issuing bank
proc_merch_comments string Additional information passed to payment processor
proc_fraud_filter_response string The fraud filtering information provided by the payment processor in response to a fraud filtering request.
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