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Issues refunds of payment amounts and any invoice line items to be reversed for a specified account. The refund of a payment will increase the account/master plan instance balance to its pre-payment state (or near, if a partial refund). A refund related reversal would almost retain the balance "as is", as you are reversing the invoice line item charges, along with the refund. Reversing an invoice charge line item proportionately reverses the corresponding tax (tax to reverse = original tax - tax for reversed charge). In the case of tax-inclusive charges, the specified line item reversal amount will be considered as a tax-inclusive reversal amount. In the case of external tax engines, there will be a tax posting that will occur to update the new taxes to the external tax engine against the customer's account. As an aside, tax-posting to external tax engines occurs for all generated invoices, voided invoices, write-offs, refund-related reversals, proration reversal/credit (and credit-memo/rebills).

Note: If you use the NETS payment processor, "Enable Refund for NETS Payment" must be set to "True" in the UI before you use this API, or you receive the error message "The payment processor does not support refunds".

For information on error messages generated by this API, see issue_refund_to_acct_m error messages.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
acct_no long 22 Aria-assigned account identifier. This value is unique across all Aria-managed accounts.
  client_acct_id string 50 Client-defined account identifier.
payment_transaction_id long 22 The Aria-generated transaction ID of the payment made.
reason_code long 38 The refund reason code.   Allowable Values
  total_refund_amount double   The total amount intended to refund. If it is null and auto is set to 'true', the refund amount is calculated based on line items reversed.
  refund_check_number string   The check number associated to the refund.
  comments string   The user comment on the refund.
  do_write string 5 Boolean indicator that specifies whether to actually perform the requested operation. If 'false' is passed in this field, Aria calculates, if applicable, any potential effects from this call such as proration, plan assignments, etc. and return all relevant data without actually performing the requested operation or making any changes to the account. This is useful to interfaces that want to present the user with a 'confirmation page' informing them of the potential effects of the requested operation prior to actually performing it. Do_write defaults to 'true'   Allowable Values
  auto_calc_refund string   This indicates if the refund amount is to be calculated based on reversal line items. If auto_calc_refund is set to 'true' and if do_write is 'true', if the total_refund_amount is not null, process will use the input total_refund_amount, but if the total_refund_amount is null, then the total_refund_amount will be equal to the calculated total reversal amount. However, do_write = 'true' and auto_calc_refund = 'false' is not a valid combination and will error out.   Allowable Values
Start of invoice_trans_to_reverse array
  invoice_trans_to_reverse array   Note: If sending multiple line items, you must send the line items in ascending order using the invoice_line_no field in the invoice_trans_to_reverse array for the tax line items to be calculated correctly.
  Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
  invoice_no long 22 Invoice number of the invoice being reversed. Required if Invoice_line_no is used.
  invoice_line_no long 22 Sequence number of the invoice transaction. Valid only if invoice_no is provided.
  invoice_transaction_id long 22 Id of the specific invoice transaction to reverse.
  invoice_line_reversing_amount double   The amount to be refunded from this specific line item.
  invoice_line_reversing_date string 12 The date when this line item is reversed. The date is in the format yyyy-mm-dd.
End of invoice_trans_to_reverse array
  client_receipt_id string 50 Client-defined unique identifier used to track related system actions.
  is_unlinked_refund string   This indicates that the refund amount is to be passed against a payment transaction or it is passed as stand alone refund. If is_unlinked_refund is set to 'true', then the refund amount is considered as stand alone refund for the account. but if is_unlinked_refund is set to 'false' then the refund amount is processed for payment transaction.

Refunds passed against a payment transaction (value='false') are only supported for Payjunction and Cybersource payment processors.

Refunds that are unlinked (value='true') are only supported for the Vantiv payment processor.   Allowable Values

  alt_pay_method long 1 If you want to use the current form of payment, leave this field empty.  To use an alternate payment method, enter the appropriate value.
  cc_number string 24 Credit card number.
  cc_expire_mm long 2 Expiration month for the credit card refund instrument.
  cc_expire_yyyy long 4 Expiration year for the credit card refund instrument.
  cvv string 6 Card Verification Value, used to help verify a transaction is being requested by the card holder since this value is physically printed on the credit card.
  bill_first_name string 32 First name of the billing contact.
  bill_last_name string 32 Last name of the billing contact.
  bill_company_name string 100 Company name of the billing contact.
  bill_address1 string 100 First address line of the billing contact.
  bill_address2 string 100 Second address line of the billing contact. If you want to delete existing data in this field, leaving it blank, you must enter a '~' in this field.
  bill_address3 string 100 The third line of the billing address.
  bill_city string 32 City of the billing contact.
  bill_locality string 32 Use this field instead of the state_prov field to designate the state, province or other local designation as appropriate for addresses in all countries other than the United States, Australia, and Canada. This field is ignored for all United States, Australia and Canada addresses.
  bill_country string 3 Country of the billing contact. The ISO-compliant 2-character country code abbreviation in uppercase.
  bill_state_prov string 2 State or Province of the billing contact. The official postal-service codes for all United States, Australia and Canada states, provinces, and territories. This field does not support states, provinces or territories from other countries. Use the locality field for other countries.
  bill_zip string 16 Zip Code of the billing contact
  bill_phone string 25 Phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_cell_phone string 20 Cell phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_work_phone string 25 Work phone number of the billing contact.
  bill_email string 320 Email of the billing contact.
  soft_descriptor string   Transaction description shown on the buyer's statement that displays a Merchant Name or Item Description typically. This field will be ignored if not supported/certified by the payment processor.
  soft_descriptor_customer_service string   Transaction description shown on the buyer's statement that displays a City for Card Present transactions or a Phone Number for Card Not Present transactions. This field will be ignored if not supported/certified by the payment processor.
  alt_caller_id string 30 Person or process that submitted the API call. This can be someone's user ID, or the name of an application.
Start of optional_transaction_qualifiers array
  optional_transaction_qualifiers array   Array of additional values you can associate with this API call.
  Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
  qualifier_name string 100 Name of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  qualifier_value string 100 Corresponding value of the field you want to associate with this API call.
End of optional_transaction_qualifiers array
  application_id string 300 The application identifier in which the API is being used in. (Example: “Sales Force”)
  application_date string 300 The application date/timestamp, ie. 01/01/2014 10:00:00 to track when the application called the API.

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
applied_total_refund_amount double The total amount that has been refunded. If inAuto is TRUE, this amount will equal to the total reversal amount.
applied_total_reversal_amount double The total amount that has been reversed on this invoice line. This amount is calculated for relevant tax lines.
out_transaction_id long Event number that was recorded in the account transaction table for this refund.
reversed_invoice_transactions hash  
invoice_no long The invoice number reversed
invoice_line_no long The line of this item
reversed_transaction_id long The Transaction Id of this item
service_no long The service number on this invoice
reversed_amount double The reversed amount for this particular line
reversing_date string Specifies the reversing date on this invoice line.
transaction_comments string Comments, if any, for the original invoice line
client_service_id string The client-defined service ID on this invoice
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