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Assign a Plan to an Account


Once a plan is created, you can assign it to an account by following the steps below.

Assigning a Plan to an Account

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Plans

  1. From the Plans screen, click Add New Plan to add the newly created plan from the Create a Plan step to the account. Refer to Add a New Master Plan Instance to an Existing Account for detailed instructions for adding a plan.

Once the plan is assigned to the account, any default usage thresholds that were set up are now assigned to the account. You can change one or more of the thresholds for this specific account, without adjusting the plan default thresholds, at any time by going into the Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab of this account.

  1. Next you must manually set usage thresholds if you did not already set default usage thresholds. If you have already set default usage thresholds, you must set your account and event notifications.


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