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Taxware Enterprise

This article applies to:Aria Crescendo


This article describes how to configure the Taxware Enterprise tax service.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have completed the tasks described in Set Up Taxes.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration

  1. Click New to set up an Taxware Enterprise-specific taxation configuration.
  2. Fill in all the required fields of a new taxation configuration (i.e. Status, Set Name, Set Description, and Countries).

For additional information, reference Create Taxation Configuration.

Note: Selected countries (in the right column) are the only countries that will be included for taxing in the Taxware Enterprise integration. All other countries (in the left column), are either taxed using another taxation method, or are not subject to any taxes.

  1. Choose Taxware Enterprise from the Method drop-down.


A new form populates, specific to the Taxware Enterprise configuration, with Tax Group Configuration and Tax Config Values sections to complete. Fill in all fields within these sections, detailed below, before clicking Save.

Tax Group Configuration

Complete each section within the Tax Group Configuration based on the tax groups chosen. See below for information on what input is required for each section.

  • goodSrv/myCd: The internal goods or services code recommended by Taxware.
  • goodSrv/dscrp: A description of the goods or services.
  • shipFrom/geoCd: The geo code that corresponds to the ship-from address; consult with Taxware for this information.
  • ShipFrom/locTp: Ship-from location type.
  • IOR/geoCd: The geo code that corresponds to the Importer of Record (IOR); consult with Taxware for this information.
  • IOR/locTp: The location type that corresponds to the Importer of Record (IOR); consult with Taxware for this information.

Tax Config Values

Configure the Tax Config Values section based on the tax groups chosen. For additional information on what input to provide for each field, reference the chart below.

  • TaxwareEnterpriseURL: Full URL to tax service.
  • secrtySbj/usrname: Username for Tax API.
  • secrtySbj/pswrd: Password for Tax API.
  • org/code: Code used to map business rules for Taxation. Consult with Taxware for this information.
  • addrTypes: Address types to populate with customer address data, separated by spaces. Consult with Taxware for allowable values.
  • calculateDocumentRequest/isAudit: Override flag for auditing. Allowable values are as follows:
    • true: Aria sends audit records to Taxware.
    • false: Aria does not send audit records to Taxware.
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