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Create a New Tax Service Group


Once the tax prerequisites are completed, you must create a new tax service group by following the steps below.

Creating a New Tax Service Group

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Tax Service Groups

  1. Click New.


The Create New Tax Service Group page displays.

  1. Enter a brief description in the Description field.

The Client Defined Identifier field populates with a default value based on the description entered.

  1. Enter a different unique Client Defined Identifier, if applicable.

The entered description and client defined identifier display on the Tax Service Groups page and provide an identification for this tax service group.

  1. Click Save.

A confirmation message displays confirming that the tax group was created successfully.

  1. Click Close.

The tax group has been created. Services can now be mapped to the newly created tax group.

Note: Aria allows you to edit a tax service group name at any time by clicking the name from the list of tax service groups.

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