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Update a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule


This article includes steps to assign your customers alternate rate schedules or custom rate schedules for their Master Plan and/or Supplemental Plan(s). Each set of discounted rates can be applied as custom rates for only a specific customer, or saved as a rate schedule available to be assigned to other customers. You can also force a currency change for the customer only if the customer has not already been billed for services in their original currency. To update the rate schedule for all instances of the Plan, refer to Update Plan's Rate Schedule

Update a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule

Getting Here:

  • Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Plans; or
  • Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Plans > Future Plan Changes.
  1. Click a Plan Instance ID.

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  1.  Click Edit Rates.

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Force a Currency Change

  1. Click the "Do you wish to change currency?" radio button to force an account currency change. A listing of rate schedules previously created during Plan setup in different currencies, will be displayed for selection and use. 
  •  A currency change to one Master Plan Instance / Supplemental Plan will effect a currency change to all other Master Plan Instance / Supplemental Plans on the account.
  • An error will be thrown if any Master Plan Instance / Supplemental Plan on the account does not have a corresponding rate schedule in the selected currency.
  • For Parent / Child account, where Payment Responsibility = 2 (Parent Pay), both the Parent and Child account(s) must have the same currency.

Note: The "Do you wish to change currency?" option will not display if the customer has already been billed and invoiced for services in their original currency.


Select another rate schedule.

  1. If you selected another rate schedule:

a. That rate schedule will be applied the next time the customer is billed and invoiced.

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        Select custom rates.

  1. If you selected custom rates:
  1. Select the Plan Scope: currently-assigned Plan or queued Plan (scheduled to be assigned on the customer's  anniversary date or on any other chosen date).  
    Any queued Plan will be displayed in this format: queue ID - Plan number - Plan name.
  2. Select a Rate Schedule Template from the drop-down.  The options displayed include rates that are currently part of the Plan.
  3. Update the From Unit, To Unit and Rates Per Unit fields.  

    You can enter up to 12 digits for the From Unit and To Unit values when you apply custom rates while adding, editing, or replacing a Master Plan / Supplemental Plan assignment.
  1. To add a new rate tier to a service, click the Add Rate Tier button.
  2. To remove an existing rate tier, click the corresponding  icon.

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  1. If you selected a currently-assigned Plan as the Plan Scope, then choose the Application Scope for the custom rate schedule:
  • Apply to this Plan instance and save as re-usable rate schedule for this plan:
    • Select this checkbox to assigns the rates to the selected account and save the rate schedule (as a template) for future assignment to other accounts who have subscribed to the same Plan. Type in the New Rate Schedule Name for the template.
    • Do not select the checkbox if you want to assign the rates to only the selected account. The custom rates will not be available for assignment to any other accounts who have subscribed to the same Plan.


  1. Click Save.  

Note: You can also effect a rate schedule change to a Plan Instance(s) via the "All Service Rates" tab from the > Account Overview's > Plan screen.

  1. Click All Service Rates.

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  1. Click on a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule Name.

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  1. Follow steps #3 through #6 above.

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