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Update a Plan's Rate Schedule

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This article provides steps for changing the rate schedules for an existing master or a supplemental plan. Changes update all instances of the plan. To define custom rates that are only applicable to a specific plan instance, refer to Update a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule.

Note: You can add multiple rate schedules for same the currency and for different currencies.

Update Rates 

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans > Select a plan > Rates tab

  1. Scroll to the rate you want to update.


Click Add Rate Schedule to add a new rate schedule.

Note: The Translations link enables defining a translation for the field for an associated locale. Refer to Multi-language Translation for Product Elements for more information.  


  1. Update fields as necessary. For a new rate schedule, refer to Add Rates to a Plan for a detailed description of each field.  
  2. Click Save. Changes take place immediately for all instances of the plan, unless Future Rate Change Start Date is specified. 

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