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Create a Plan

This article applies to:Aria Crescendo


This article provides the steps necessary for creating a plan.


It is recommended that the following tasks be completed before you begin to create plans. At a minimum, we suggest that you:

  • Create a Service
  • Create a Usage Type (if applicable)

You may also find it helpful to create Product Fields, Product Field CategoriesAccount Fields, Product Field Categories, General Ledger (GL) Codes, and Tax Configurations before creating a new plan.

Creating a Plan

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans

  1. Click New.
  2. To use an existing plan template, select the appropriate template from the Plan Template drop-down.
Note: Plan templates may be saved for reuse by selecting the Create this plan as a template box within the Plan Details section of the screen. 
  1. In the Plan Name field, enter a descriptive name for the plan.
Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
  1. In the Description field, enter any useful details about the plan.

Entering a meaningful description is important as it provides your users with plan-related information that may help them quickly distinguish this plan from others.

  1. From the Status drop-down:
  • Select Active to make the plan available for customers to subscribe.
  • Select Inactive to make the plan unavailable for customers to subscribe.
  1. From the Plan Type drop-down, select Master Plan or Supplemental Plan.
  2. Select the Create this plan as a template box if you wish to reuse this plan as a template in the future.

  1. Select all applicable product field categories by clicking the applicable items in the Product Field Categories list.

Note: Selecting an item from the list on the left moves it to the list on the right, which indicates that the item is added to the plan. Selecting an item from the list on the right moves it back to the list on the left, which indicates that it is removed from the plan.

  1. Enter the appropriate values in the Field Values field for each Product Fields: Plan Instance item in the list.

NoteTo manage each unit of a plan separately, please speak with your Aria Customer Service Representative. An Aria CSR must set the Enable Plan Unit Instances parameter to True. 

  1. Enter the appropriate values in the Field Values field for each Product Fields: Product Catalog Only item in the list.

The product fields in this section are not editable at the plan instance level and are associated with the Product Field Categories selected above.


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