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Getting Started with Aria

What is Aria?

Aria consists of:

  • a powerful, feature-rich application (User Interface) that allows you to:
    • customize your implementation of Aria with various configuration options, which include the setup of tax engines and payment gateways to be used;
    • control access to the Aria User Interface (UI) based on user roles;
    • build your product catalog to create the plans to sell directly to your customers or synchronize to other eCommerce or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms;
    • manage coupons, discounts, and promotions;
    • bill your customers (account holders) for your products;
    • maintain your customers’ accounts;
    • utilize event notifications to stay informed about the creation/modification of account-related data then take your chosen action;
    • use Aria-generated emails to notify your customers about important changes to their accounts, statements, dunning, etc.;
    • analyze your revenue by using reports.

Note: Your access to features within Aria will vary depending on your user role.


Aria Overview

The diagram below provides an overview of the major elements within Aria and shows the relationships between those elements.




Aria Glossary of Terms

Aria Developer's Guide

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