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Data Streaming Concepts

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Data Extract is a highly-scalable, multi-tenant data extraction service. This service provides for both an authentication service using the OAUTH 2.0 Client Credentials Grant flow to secure a valid token for accessing the service, and an on-demand web service API that streams data in the form of a compact JSON object delivered over HTTPS. Data Extract supports an initial complete load along with subsequent incremental updates for the streaming of Aria Objects as they are modified in Aria in near-real time. The service provides the objects stream in correct dependency order and operates using at-least-once-semantics. It's logical model design provides all relevant information by object and has been designed for data to be imported to virtually any customer repository. 

Note: Release 2.1 (Beta) of this effort supports the streaming of financial transactions. Subsequent phases will include objects like Account details and Product Catalog. The timing of these phases is TBD.

Best Practices

Aria will retain streamable data for up to 48 hours after which time that data ages out. Aria's Data Extract service is not designed or intended as an ongoing back up service for the retrieval and persistence of the data.

  • Aria highly recommends that you stream this data on a continuous basis. If that is not possible, data should be consumed as near real time as will be possible. It is imperative to consume all new data at least daily to ensure proper operation.
  • User (Client) has responsibility and should persist the consumed data in their system(s), as it is retrieved.


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