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Data Streaming Concepts

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Aria's Data Streaming is a web service that, when activated, can allow Aria clients to consume data events in near-real-time to synchronize with one or more downstream information systems. With the Data Streaming component enabled, Aria clients acquire an authentication token, then configure a client—in their preferred programming language—to consume Server-Sent Events (SSE) from the Aria platform.

Aria Data Streaming is an add-on service. Please contact your Aria Customer Success Manager for more information.

More Info Regarding SSE:

Data Streaming provides an initial, complete data load; then subsequent incremental updates related to Aria Data Events in near-real time. The service operates using at-least-once-semantics, guaranteeing that every message is delivered. It's logical model design allows data to easily be parsed to synchronize with other information systems.

Best Practices

Aria retains streamed data for 48 hours.

  • Aria recommends that you stream this data continuously. If that is not possible, data should be consumed as near-real-time as possible. It is imperative to consume all new data at least daily to ensure proper operation.
  • User (Client) has responsibility and should persist the consumed data in their system(s), as it is retrieved.

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