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Assign Notification Template Groups at the Account Level

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Getting Here:

Click Account > search for an account

  1. Search for and select the desired account.    clipboard_e464c7a8e72a99e69ebd22aa12a6b2325.png
  2. Select the Notification Method tab.
  3. Select the Notification Template Group link. clipboard_eb480f4a547c10bd3ad10b2c5f044f76b.png                             A list of available Notification Template Groups display. If a template group is already assigned to the account, a message indicating this displays above the list of available template groups.
  4. To assign a template to the account, select a radio button next to the desired Notification Template Group.  clipboard_ef1e82e4053414f5dadd317af93e78579.png
  5. Click Change Notify Template Group to update the account with the newly assigned template group.

Note:  Notification Template Groups can also be assigned at the Account level via the Aria API create_account_complete_m using the input fields client_notification_template_group_id and notification_template_group_number.


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