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Dunning States

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A plan can have one of the following dunning states:

  • In Progress: The Master Plan Instance is currently in a dunning state.  
  • Completed:  The balance of the Master Plan Instance was not paid in full and dunning/collection attempts were unsuccessful.
  • None:  The Master Plan Instance is not currently in dunning. 

You can view and manually change the Dunning State from the Plans screen of a specific Plan Instance.

Viewing and/or Editing the Dunning State

Getting Here: Select an Account > Plans > Plan Instance ID

Dunning States Overview.png

  1. Click Dunning State. The following screen displays:  


  1. Select the new Dunning State from the Dunning State dropdown. 

Note: When a Master Plan Instance is manually placed into dunning, the plan is placed into Dunning Step 1 as defined in the dunning process for the Master Plan Instance.  Refer to Create a Dunning Process for more information. 

Dunning State Drop Down_Options.png

  1. Enter your comments into the mandatory CSR Comments field that displays.   
  2. Click Save.  

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