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Create a Collection Group


You can create a collection group (also known as a "collection account group") by following the steps in this article.

For collection group settings specific to your payment gateway, please see Payment Gateway Configuration by Client.

Creating a Collection Group

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups.

  1. Click New.

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  1. Enter a descriptive Group Name, such as a name that reflects the purpose of the collection group.

For example, you may wish to enter Paymentech for your customers on the east coast, Paymentech – WC for transactions for your customers on the west coast, and Paymentech – CAD for your customers who make payments in Canadian dollars.

  1. Enter a unique Client Group ID with which to identify the collection group.

Aria assigns different, unique collection group numbers in each environment. You can assign collection group IDs in your Stage Current, Stage Future, and Production environments that remain consistent across all environments. This ensures that any functionality that you set up will work with the designated client group IDs across all of your environments.

Using API calls or Direct Post, you can pass in a client group ID (alt_client_acct_group_id) to specify that the payment or validation you are currently submitting should be processed using the payment gateway information associated with the corresponding collection group instead of the default Aria collection account group or the collection account group to which a customer is assigned.

In addition, using API calls you can pass a client group ID (client_acct_group_id) or an array of client group IDs (client_coll_acct_group_ids) to assign a customer to the corresponding collection group(s). Please see API Calls for Working with Client Group IDs for a list of API calls into which you can pass a client group ID.

  1. Enter the purpose of the collection group in the Description field.
  2. Choose the payment gateway for which you are creating the collection group from the Select Payment Processor drop-down.


  1. Complete the remaining fields based on the merchant account information provided to you by your payment gateway.

The fields will vary depending on the payment gateway.

  1. Enter values for Bill Lag Days and Days Until Due, if applicable.
  • Bill Lag Days: The number of days prior to (negative) or after (positive) an account billing date at which an invoice should be generated. The Bill Lag Days setting in the Collection Group screen will override the Bill Lag Days setting in the Payment Method screen, and the Bill Lag Days setting in the Payment Method screen will override the Bill Lag Days setting in the Billing Recurring Interval screen (Configuration > Billing > Bill Lag Days).

  • Days Until Due: The number of days after an invoice is generated that payment is due. For electronic payment methods, this will determine which day the electronic collection is attempted. The Days Until Due setting in the Collection Group screen will override the Days Until Due setting in the Payment Method screen.

  1. Click Save.

The collections group is saved. Be sure to add all applicable accounts to the collection group during the account registration process or soon thereafter.

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