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Add a Company Profile


Complete your company profile to specify your company's contact information and client locale, the contact information for your Aria Administrator, your billing contact for services provided by Aria, and your batch alert contact.

Adding a Company Profile

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Company Profile.

  1. In the Company Information fields, enter your company's contact information.

The Locale field sets the language translation of the product catalog and configuration elements for all existing, and newly created, accounts. The selected locale also becomes the default locale used in all API calls involving locales, when an alternative locale is not provided. To add a new locale option, refer to Create Locale Settings.

Note: Setting a client locale only affects the display of product catalog values in the Aria UI. It does not display translated values for customers.

Company Profile_new.png

  1. In the Administrative Contact fields, enter the contact information of your Aria administrator. If this is the same as your company's contact information, click Use Company Address.

Admin Contact_new.png

  1. In the Billing Contact fields, enter the contact information for questions regarding billing for services provided by Aria. If this is the same as your company's contact information, click Use Company Address.

Billing Contact_new.png

  1.  In the Batch Job Alert Contact fields, enter the contact information for batch job failure emails. This enables sending an email notification to an assigned contact with Aria Customer Support (BCC'd) when a batch job fails for any of the following reasons: 

  • Processes died before completion (Status code: 3)
  • Failed with fatal error (Status code: 4)
  • Completed, some errors (Status code: 5)
  • Did not run due to dependency failure (Status code: 6) 

Batch Job Company profile.png 

  1. You can specify a URL in the Custom Dashboard URL text box to make a custom analytics dashboard available under the Analytics & Reporting section of the Aria application. This is not a mandatory field. Once there is a URL specified in this text box, access to the Custom Dashboard can be assigned to User Roles.

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