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Invoice Without Line Items


This setting enables statement creation for invoices without line items. It allows you to designate a service to use on invoices without line items. This service is added as a zero amount line item for each plan associated with the invoice. The service must not have a rate schedule associated with it.

Aria uses the line item(s) in an invoice to generate statements. In some cases, a statement is needed even if the invoice does not have a line item.  For example, a client may want to send a statement for an account with usage, though no usage occurred in the billing period.

Set the Invoices Without Line Items Client Parameter 

Getting Here: Select Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings


  1. Click Invoices Without Line Items. The parameter configuration displays. 
  2. From the Value dropdown, select True.
  3. Enter a service name or number in the Select a Recurring Service field, or click Browse to select a recurring service. Once selected, the service name displays with the label Selected Service

Note: The service selected must not have a rate schedule associated with it. 


  1. Click Save.  The service displays as a line item with a zero amount on invoices which do not otherwise have a line item. 

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