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Invoice Setting - Auto Void Credit Memo


A new configurable parameter has been added to Aria Crescendo: “Automatically Void Invoice Based Credit Memo When Invoice Is Voided.”

Best Practices

  • If setting is True, the credit memo to which an invoice is applied will automatically be voided when that invoice is also voided.
  • If setting is False (default) and an attempt is made to void an invoice to which a credit memo is applied, the following message will appear: “The invoice cannot be voided because one or more credit memos have been applied to it.”

Set This Parameter

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings:

Double click on the invoice setting shown below.


  1. Select True from the drop-down list to activate this setting.

  2. Click Save.

Repeat the previous steps and select False to return this parameter to its default setting.


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