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Aria for Salesforce 3.30

Release Information

Salesforce Version

 Version 3.30

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Account, Statement, and Billing Contact Lookup by Aria Id (SFDCDEV-262)

This feature allows you to look up an account, statement, or billing contact of a Person Account by Aria Id by associating a new field, ASF3__Unique_Key__c, on Contact Object. The value of the field will be "p_"+Aria account number; e.g., a contact associated with Aria Id 12345 would have the value "p_12345" for this field.

This value is assigned for three Aria For Salesforce events: 

1. On commit
2. While taking refresh from Aria
3. In EmailNotificationHandler

New Error Type "Errors on Commit" for AriaErrorLogs Object (SFDCDEV-267)

This feature will log errors in AriaErrorLog object in Salesforce for errors encountered during a commit as follows:

Type= "Errors on Commit"
"ASF3.AriaAPIException: create_instance_contract_m: Mandatory child 
plans have not been added as part of the contract
INFO: Acct Number:32951064, Opportunity Id: 003346178900xvzASD

A separate log will be created for each API/commit error. Only errors during commit will have the type "Errors on Commit" to make it easy to distinguish commit errors from other sync errors.

"Cancellation Credit from date" Captured and Displayed For Plans With Cancellation Dates In Past For Opportunities (SFDCDEV-268)

This feature adds the ability to specify a "Cancellation Credit from date" on the "Set Option" screen when cancelling a plan associated with an Opportunity. This value, once the cancellation is committed, is sent as the "alt_proration_start_date" input parameter of "update_acct_plan_multi_m" calls with "plan_directive=4". 

Ability To Remove Coupon Before Invoice Is Generated For Plan Unit Update (SFDCDEV-269)

This feature allows you to cancel a coupon when updating the plan units, resulting in an invoice that does not include the discount associated with the coupon.

Ability To Specify "Same as the charge line item" Service Code When Creating Service Credit (SFDCDEV-270)

This feature adds a 3rd option "Same as the charge line item" to the "Service Code to use" option when creating a Service Credit. This option is the default option and in addition to the previously existing choices "Standard" and "Alternate service code."

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • When account status was updated in the Account Plan section, and an error was encountered, the new account status was not committed to Aria but showed in the Salesforce UI. Now, when an error is encountered, the status update process stops, and you can view an error message. (TICKET-900)
  • An account's ARR calculation was doubled because of an inconsistency in how MRR was calculated during plan updates. Now the MRR calculation is consistent, resulting in the correct calculation of ARR. (TICKET-904)
  • When retrieving rate tiers for an account's plan, the process timed out when a queued plan change was present. The resulting null values caused the query to run long. An additional check has been added to prevent this circumstance. (TICKET-905)
  • When committing the first Opportunity on a business account with no associated email address (i.e. the contact records have 'ASF3__Do_Not_Use_Email__c' = true), the ASF3__Do_Not_Use_Email__c flag was reset to false. (TICKET-908)
  • When adding a Master Plan and a non-mandatory Supplemental Plan, the value of "units" of the non-mandatory Supplemental Plan were set to null. (TICKET-910)
  • It was not possible to change the billing interval of Supplemental Plans associated with an Opportunity. (TICKET-911)
  • When committing an Opportunity, the replacement of a Billing Group contact failed because of duplicate values for ASF3__Unique_Key__c. (TICKET-912)
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