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Aria for Salesforce 3.27

Release Information

Salesforce Version

 Version 3.27

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Unique Key Change for Aria Coupon History Object (SFDCDEV-258)

This feature differentiates plan-level and account-level coupons with unique keys generated using the below patterns:

  • Plan-level Coupon: p_plan_instance_no + "_" + coupon_cd
  • Account-level Coupon: a_acct_no + "_" + coupon_cd

MRR Calculated for Account Plans Created Programmatically (SFDCDEV-255)

This feature calculates the MRR for Account Plans that are created programmatically (e.g. created by a custom user self-service application). Now, on the Account and Opportunity screens, you can easily determine the MRR of plans.

A new static method "updateMonetaryFieldsForEachPlan()" is now available under the global class "AriaGlobalOperationResource" to calculate the financial informational fields (MRR/ARR) on Account plan and its associated account or Opportunity.

Method Signature: updateMonetaryFieldsForEachPlan(Id acctId, Id oppId)

This method accepts two parameters (either one is optional):
acctId—is the salesforce account Id
oppId—is the salesforce opportunity Id

To calculate MRR/ARR on opportunity and its account plans set acctId=null. To calculate the MRR/ARR on account and its account plans set oppId=null.

Example use and method call for updating MRR/AA on opportunity and its account plans

After creating opportunity, account plans and its associated account rate tiers programmatically, execute below line of code to update MRR/ARR values for Opportunity id "0061700000ErZrJ":

ASF3.AriaGlobalOperationResource.updateMonetaryFieldsForEachPlan(null, '0061700000ErZrJ');"

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • Apex time limit error received when Account Plans clicked in Account view (TICKET-824)
  • Aria for Salesforce created an invoice line item even if no Master Plan Instance were selected when creating an opportunity (TICKET-825)
  • Apex error was shown after installing Aria for Salesforce (TICKET-834)
  • It was not possible to set an alternative start date on opportunities for new accounts (TICKET-844)
  • Errors were incorrectly recorded in Salesforce for missing fields when syncing with Aria (TICKET-846)
  • Effective date was not passed to Aria when future plan cancelations were scheduled in Salesforce (TICKET-851)
  • Clicking "Add/Modify Plans" caused a "Null Exception" error in Salesforce after a Master Plan Instance was created outside of Salesforce (TICKET-857)
  • Invoicing Option not passed to Aria when Override MP Instance Number field selected from plan selection and billing option popup (TICKET-858)
  • Services were not displayed in the Account Plan screen (TICKET-859)
  • Special characters causing error when requesting "Select plans by billing group for this opportunity" screen (TICKET-860)
  • Supplemental plan instances were not created when "node_id__C" was not populated (TICKET-862)
  • 100% coupon was not applied as expected on second invoice after voiding first invoice (TICKET-863)
  • Changing primary payment method resulted in error when custom contact used (TICKET-864)
  • Rate Tiers were not inserted when using "Refresh from Aria" button (TICKET-865)
  • Rates for surcharges were shown as "0.00" when rebilling (TICKET-866)
  • Adding more than one recurring discount on single plan resulted in error (TICKET-867)
  • Account contact was created in Aria when business account in Salesforce was created without account contact (TICKET-868)
  • Error message prevented commit on future plan change when assignment directive was anniversary date (TICKET-869)
  • Qualifying invoices were not showing on Credit Memo screen (TICKET-870)
  • Invoices disappeared from Credit Memo view (TICKET-871)
  • Plan subscription status from opportunities was ignored (TICKET-873)
  • Commits took too long (TICKET-874)
  • Updating statement contact in billing group of Business Account caused error in Apex Batch Process (TICKET-878)
  • Salesforce-updated Person Account email addresses were overwritten with Aria data when users clicked the "Refresh from Aria" button (TICKET-879)
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