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Aria for Salesforce 3.8

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.8

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36

Java Settings

Java 7.0

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Salesforce Connector UX Enhancements (SFDCDEV-162)

Several screens within Aria for Salesforce have been redesigned to improve the user experience.

Account Plans

Getting Here: Select an account > select an opportunity

Changes to the Account Plans screen, shown below, include the following:

  • Plans are highlighted to indicate that they're clickable
  • The Rate Schedule section now displays the rate schedule name at the top.
  • The rate schedule has an indicator for whether it is the default schedule for the specified currency.
  • Tiered rate schedules display their tiers and pricing.


Add/Modify Plans

Getting Here: Select an account > Select an opportunity > Add/Modify Plans

Changes to the Add/Modify Plans screen within an opportunity, shown below, include the following:

  • The icon to add additional plan instances has changed.
  • Functions to edit, change, or remove a plan are now selectable from a drop-down menu.
  • The screen has been redesigned to improve readability.


Custom Section

A custom section has been added to the Add/Modify plans screen. This section contains client-configured fields that can run custom Javascript. You can add up to 20 of these sections to the Add/Modify Plans screen.

Setting Up A Custom Section

Getting Here: Click + > Aria General Configuration > Custom Section

You can create a new custom section or edit an existing one from this screen. The screen below shows a populated custom section called "Greeting".  To create a new custom section, enter a value in the Section Name field that is not assigned to an existing custom section. The fields in the section are as follows:

  • Section Name - The name that displays for this section on the Plans screen
  • Visible - Checking this box causes the section to display on the Plans screen.
  • Section Content - Contains Javascript supplied by the client.
  • Position - These drop-down menus specify where on the Plans screen this custom section displays. You can specify above (Insert Up) or below (Insert Down) the section you specify in the From drop-down menu.
  • Custom Header Name - If you want the name of the section to display something other than the value you specified in the Section Name, you can enter it here.
  • Profile Access - Checking this box allows you to limit access to this section by specific user profiles.
  • Button Label - The label of the "Custom" button displayed in the custom section. This custom button displays the web address defined as the button URL.
  • Button URL - URL assigned to the "Custom" button.The button can point to any valid URL, for example, http://www.ariasystems.com. It can also point to a Visual page URL, for example: https://na16.salesforce.com/apex/clientVFPage.
  • Show Button - You can optionally check the boxes in this field to perform the following functions:
    • Custom - Toggles whether the Custom button displays in the Custom section.
    • Refresh - Toggles whether the Refresh button displays in the custom section. Clicking this button refreshes the Javascript assigned to the custom section.


Viewing A Custom Section

Getting Here: Select an account > Select an opportunity > Add/Modify Plans

The following screen shows the "Greeting" custom section on the Add/Modify Plans screen after it has been configured as shown above.


Statement Contact Can Link to Billing Group During Account Creation (SFDCDEV-160)

This feature allows users to control the Suppress flag used by Aria for Salesforce to avoid callouts to Aria. Aria for Salesforce uses a Suppress flag in Apex code to suppress contact update callouts to Aria when updating contacts on billing group, payment methods and accounts internally. Previously, a custom client application trying to update a contact when creating a billing group or payment method using Aria for Salesforce did not see the contact update going to Aria. This was because the connector suppresses the contact callout during internal updates. To address this issue, this feature exposes the Suppress flag to client applications so they can control the Suppress flag in their customizations. This allows their application to leverage the Aria for Salesforce callouts to Aria during overlapping updates.

The following customization information allows you to link contacts to a billing group or payment method outside Aria for Salesforce, during creation of billing groups and payment methods by Aria for Salesforce.

The ASF3.AriaGlobalOperationResource class has the following static method to set the Suppress flag to true or false.

  • setSuppressAccountUpdateCallout(boolean)
  • setSuppressStatementContactUpdateCallout(boolean)
  • setSuppressBillingContactUpdateCallout(boolean)
  • setSuppressGetAcctDetailsCallout(boolean)
  • setSuppressGetAcctPlansCallout(boolean)
  • setSuppressAcctSuppFieldsCallout(boolean)

For the statement contact update callout, use the setSuppressStatementContactUpdateCallout(boolean) method as shown in the following example:

  1. Create a class to ensure that the trigger does not execute recursively or use any existing class to prevent it.
public Class checkRecursive
{ public static boolean isFirstRun = true; }


  1. Create a trigger based on the following example trigger:
trigger TestStatementCon on ASF3_Aria_Billing_Group_c (after insert, after update) {
String actId;
if(checkRecursive.isFirstRun == false )
{ return; }
checkRecursive.isFirstRun = false;
for (ASF3_Aria_Billing_Group_c abg : Trigger.new)
{ actId = abg.ASF3__Account__c; }
List<Account> ac = [select ASF3__Aria_Account_Contact__c from Account where id =: actId];
ASF3_Aria_Billing_Group_c abg = Trigger.New[0];
ASF3_Aria_Billing_Groupc billingGrp = new ASF3Aria_Billing_Group_c (id=abg.Id);
billingGrp.ASF3_Statement_Contactc = ac[0].ASF3Aria_Account_Contact_c;
update billingGrp;

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • Account Supplemental Fields Were Not Syncing from Salesforce to Aria (TICKET-285)
  • "NULL" Fields of Contact Were Not Updating as NULL During Sync (TICKET-301)
  • Account Supplemental Fields Were Not Updating to Aria (TICKET-303)
  • The Programmatic Commit Function Gave an Error When Used for a Quote (TICKET-310)
  • Clicking Outside of Drop-down Menu Was Needed to Update the Subscription Status Selection (TICKET-311)
  • Record Payment Received Screen Displayed Full Amount Twice (TICKET-314)
  • Error Message "You have uncommitted work pending" Was Displayed When Trying to Create Write-offs or Dispute Hold (TICKET-315)
  • Write-Off and Dispute Holds Were Not Created (TICKET-316)
  • Credit Amount in Wrong Currency (TICKET-317)
  • Slow Plan Loading and Searching (TICKET-320)
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