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Aria for Salesforce 3.12

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.12

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Sync client_plan_id for Plans Synced to Salesforce (SDFCDEV-153)

This feature enables synchronizing client plans to Salesforce through the client_plan_id API.  

User Interface Enhancements to Multiple Pages and Screens (SFDCDEV-182)

This feature enhances the user experience for the plan purchase wizard. Improvements have been made to the following:

  • Accounts Plans Summary
  • Add/Modify Plans

Account Plans Summary

The account plans summary now includes Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) totals and tax information. 

Getting Here:

Select an account > Account Plans


Select an account > Select an opportunity > Account Plans

Opportunity Account Plans.png

1.png MRR Total: This column shows the MRR total including tax. 

Hovering over the Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.42.46 PM.png icon displays the MRR tax amount: 

Tax Amount Tooltip.png


Hovering over the Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.42.46 PM.png icon displays the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) tax amount:

 ARR Tax Amt.png

Add or Modify Plans

The user interface for adding and modifying plans has been updated.  

Getting Here: Select an account > Select an opportunity > Add/Modify Plans

New Account Billing Options.png

The first window that displays is the New Account Billing Options window.  

  • The account status drop-down includes the following options:
  • Active
  • Registered Pending Activation
  • Temporary Service ban
  • Permanent
  • Archived
  • Deactivated
  • When the option of "Active" is selected, the Alternative Billing Start Date does not apply and the field does not display. For all other options, the Alternative Billing Start Date applies and does display. 

Once you have made your selections, click Save. The updated Add/Modify Plans screen displays. 

Add:Modify Plans Salesforce.png

  • The Billing Groups module must be configured first.  
  • Each module begins with a Get Started button that leads you through selecting and configuring the module.  
  • After a section has been configured and saved, the Get Started button changes to an Edit button. 

Billing Groups Edit Salesforce.png

  • Once the required modules have been configured (denoted by the red asterisk), a Commit button and a Save & Exit button display.  

save and commit.png

Permission Sets or Custom Permissions Supported to Hide Fields (SFDCDEV-183)

This feature allows Salesforce Administrators to hide various Aria-specific information from users by applying custom permissions. Once a custom permission is created and configured, it can then be included in a permission set. A permission set is used in Salesforce to control a user's functional access. Refer to Salesforce documentation for configuring Permission Sets.  

Create a Custom Permission

Getting Here: Setup > Develop > Custom Permissions 

Custom Permissions Salesforce.png

  1. Select New. 

New permission salesforce.png

  1. Complete the form.
  • Label: Unique name that appears in the interface and drop-downs. 
  • Name: Unique name used by the API and managed packages. The name must begin with a letter and use only alphanumeric characters and underscores. The name cannot end with an underscore or have two consecutive underscores.
  • Description: Optional field to input a description for your permission.
  • Connected App: Click the lookup icon to select a connected app to associate with the custom permission.
  1. Click Save. The following screen displays confirming the new permission. 

Edit Custom Permission.png

From this screen, you can edit the permission by clicking either of the top two Edit buttons. This allows you to revise the label, name, description and connected app.

  1. To add Required Custom Permissions, click the Edit button.

Required custom permissions allow you to create hierarchies for permissions. For example, you can have a custom permission "Approve Requests" that requires the custom permission "Submit Requests." 

  1. Select the permission you want to add from the list on the left. 
  2. Click the add arrow.  
  3. Click Save.  

Required permissions.png

Configure the Custom Permission

A user must be a System Administrator to configure the custom permissions. See below for all fields that can be hidden. 

Getting Here: Aria General Configurations > Custom Permissions


  1. Click the "Select Custom Permissions" box for the field you want to hide. A drop-down displays that contains the custom permission(s) you have created. 

hide permissions.png

  1. Select the custom permission. 
  2. Click Save. This applies the configuration for users with this permission included in their permission set. In this example, a user with New_Permission included in their Permission Set does not see Subscription Temporary Status in the Plan Configurations section.


  • Corrected User Interface issues (for example: table alignment and display of tax codes) (TICKET-186)
  • Response size exceeded 15MB organization limit error (TICKET-331)
  • Billing group and payment details were not deleted when an opportunity saved as draft is deleted (TICKET-341)
  • Close button of replace plan popup was not aligned properly (TICKET-344)
  • Incorrect spelling for agreement under Add / Modify Plans - One Time Products (TICKET-345)
  • Termination date of a plan not syncing to Salesforce (TICKET-350)
  • Error when trying to access the connector (via a new opportunity) on a customer with many existing plans (15+) (TICKET-351)
  • Currency error in One-Time Products section (TICKET-352)
  • Removing all plans at once was not working correctly (TICKET-353)
  • List prices were not shown on OTPs (TICKET-354)
  • Account User ID not synced from Salesforce (TICKET-357)
  • Supplemental plans added to existing plans cannot be activated immediately (TICKET-358)
  • Plan Instance supplemental fields not syncing to Salesforce (TICKET-360)
  • When adding a credit card number, where the number is entered with spaces, the error message is not clear (TICKET-361)
  • Wrong default option was selected on New Account Billing Options overlay (TICKET-364)
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