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Aria for Salesforce 3.14

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.14

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Allow Unique, Parallel Opportunities (SDFCDEV-190)

This feature enables users of Aria for Salesforce to work on multiple opportunities in parallel for the same account . 

These opportunities can have different products and can be committed to Aria independently.

Previously, this was not possible because each new opportunity had the current set of Aria plans and an individual plan could not be independently updated or added. 

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

  • Price information was incorrect when half yearly payment selected (TICKET-362)
  • Service credit was applied to account and not to plan instance (TICKET-421)
  • Display the plan instance status, alt bill day, alternate start date, status until start and retroactive start date when creating new account (TICKET-422)
  • App plans did not have aria_plan_date__c and status_date__c populated (TICKET-427)
  • Aria client plan sync with product batch failed (TICKET-428)
  • Plan sync batch job did not progress  (TICKET-432)
  • Max size limit error when committing >15 plans with many services (~20) (TICKET-433)
  • Not able to hide “credit note template” field (TICKET-440)
  • “Billing group” was mandatory before selecting plans if billing group already existed (TICKET-441)
  • Plan selector column width did not use entire screen (TICKET-442)
  • Unable to use special characters in the plan selector (TICKET-443)
  • Pressing "enter" key clicked the "save" button and not the "search" button (TICKET-444)
  • Billing group details were listed twice for an existing customer (TICKET-445)
  • Better usage of screen for plan selector (TICKET-446)
  • Opportunity amount / opportunity calculations did not update correctly (TICKET-450)
  • Tax calculation was not working (TICKET-451)
  • Custom rates were not displayed correctly (TICKET-452)
  • Invalid query locator (TICKET-453)
  • Error when changing billing group in the account plan viewer (TICKET-454)
  • Apex error occurred on commit (TICKET-455)
  • Custom section was not behaving as expected (TICKET-457)
  • Aggregate query had too many rows for direct assignment (TICKET-458)
  • Disabling cash credits and service credits by applying custom permissions did not hide the cash/service credits option buttons (TICKET-459)
  • Sync of supplemental fields on plan instances was not updating when null value was sent from Aria (TICKET-460)
  • “Invalid Date Error” when committing an opportunity on an account (TICKET-461)
  • Unable to disable discount on the plan selector screen (TICKET-462)
  • Supplemental plans were still displaying after cancellation (TICKET-472)
  • Data type changes to core API create_acct_complete_m updated (TICKET-486)
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