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Aria for Salesforce 3.18


Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.18

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Support for Multiple Termed Agreements (SFDCDEV-210)

This feature enhances Aria for Salesforce to support creating multiple multi-plan contracts (i.e termed agreements) and selecting which plan instances to include in each agreement. This enhancement leverages capabilities already available in Aria.  

Termed agreements can be configured from and display on the Add/Modify plans page for an opportunity. From the Add/Modify plans page, you may either commit the termed agreement(s) to Aria, or save and exit without committing the agreement(s) to Aria.  

You can also view, edit, or cancel termed agreements for an account from the account plan overview page.

Add a termed agreement

Getting Here: Open an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans

Note: The termed agreements section does not display until at least one plan is added to the opportunity. 

  1. Scroll to the termed agreements section. Click Get Started

Termed Agreement Get Started 3.18.png

  1. Configure the termed agreement. 
  2. Assign plan(s) to the termed agreement by clicking the assign plans link and selecting the plans you want added. 

Assign Plans Link 3.18.png

  1. Click Save to save the termed agreement. 
  2. Click Save again to exit the termed agreements module. The following details display for a termed agreement: 
  • Contract ID
  • Start Date
  • Duration
  • End Action
  • Plans

Termed Agreement 3.18.png

To add another termed agreement

  1. Click Edit
  2. Click +Add.

Add Another Termed Agreement 3.18.png

  1. Configure your termed agreement.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Save again to close the termed agreement module. The additional termed agreements (1) and (2) display. 

Termed Agreement Multiple 3.18.png

  1. Click Save and Exit to exit the opportunity without committing, or click Commit to save the opportunity to Aria.  

View the Termed Agreements from the Account level

Getting here: Open an Account with Termed Agreements > Scroll to the Account Plans section > Termed Agreements tab

Termed Accounts on Account Plans 3.18.png

For plans associated with a termed agreement, an icon displays next to the plan name.

PLans with TA icon Account Plans 3.18.png

Tax Calculation at the Rate Tier Level (SFDCDEV-211)

This feature enables a Salesforce Admin to configure tax rates for each tax service group in Aria. It updates the tax computation to compute estimated taxes at a service level. Tax information and pricing information is now shown where pricing information is displayed.  

Aria for Salesforce syncs these tax groups from Aria during scheduled sync jobs, and when a user clicks the Refresh Client Plans button from the Aria Systems Settings. 

Set Tax Percentages

Getting Here: Aria General Configurations > Tax Percentage tab

Tax Percentage 3.18.png

  1. Enter the Tax Percentage. 
  2. Click Save Settings. The tax calculation uses these value to calculate tax, and is displayed in various places in the user interface. 

Interface and Interaction Flow Improvements When Working With Opportunities (SFDCDEV-212)

The following improvements have been made.

Select Billing Group for Opportunity Without Assigned Plans

When creating an opportunity for an existing account and no plans are selected, you now have the ability to select an existing billing group for the opportunity. 

Getting Here: Create or Open an Opportunity without plans > Add/Modify Plans

  1. Select a billing group from the drop-down.
  2. Do not select any plans on the overlay that displays.
  3. Click Next.

Select Billing Group Without Plans 3.18.png

  1. The Billing Group you specified displays in the Billing Group section of the Add/Modify Plans module.  No plans have been selected, so no plans display in the Plans module.  

Billing Group wth No Plan 3.18.png

  1. Continue configuring your plans. 

Add Plan(s) to an Opportunity That Has Not Been Committed to Aria

You may add additional existing plans to an open (not committed to Aria) opportunity without creating a new opportunity.

Getting Here: Create or Open an Opportunity that has not been committed > Add/Modify Plans 

  1. Click Edit in the Plans & Configuration section. 
  2. Click the arrow to expand the Add Plan drop-down. 

Select New Plan 3.18.png

  1. Select to add plans from either the account or the product catalog associated with the account. 
  • From Account: You can select an existing plan on the account.
  • From Product Catalog: You can select from plans available in the product catalog on the account.  
  1. An overlay displays with available plans.  Select the checkbox for the plans you want to add. 

Select plans to add 3.18.png

  1. Click Next
  2. The plan you selected appears under selected plans.  You may proceed configuring this plan, or click Save to save the plan addition and return to the Add/Modify plans screen.  

View Cancelled Plans Associated with an Opportunity 

You may view which plans are on an existing opportunity, including plans that have been cancelled, on the Add/Modify Plans Configuration, the Opportunity Overview, and the Account Overview screen.

  • Add/Modify Plans Screen

Getting Here: Open an Opportunity with a cancelled plan > Add/Modify Plans > Click Edit in Plans & Configuration 

All plans associated with the opportunity display. Plans that have been cancelled display with a status of cancelled and are lined-out.  

Note: To cancel a plan, select Cancel from the drop-down.  To remove a plan from the opportunity so that it does not display in the selected plans, click the X. 

Cancelled Plan 3.18.png

To undo the cancellation, click the Reactivate link. The screen refreshes, and the plan displays without the cancelled status and is available to configure. 

Reactivated Plan 3.18.png

Click Save to save your changes.  

  • Account Plans on the Opportunity Overview

Getting Here: Open an Opportunity with a cancelled plan > Scroll to the Account Plans section

The plans display and indicate the status under the System Status column. 

Account Plan with Cancelled Plan 3.18.png

  • Account Plans on Account Overview

    Getting Here: Open an Account with a cancelled plan > Scroll to the Account Plans section > Previous Master Plan tab

    The plans display and indicate the status under the Status column. 

    Prev Master Plans 3.18.png

Updating a Billing Group within an Opportunity Updates the Billing Group for the Account

This feature prevents billing group updates specific to an opportunity from changing the billing group information on the account. Changes made to the billing group on an opportunity will not update the billing group on the account until after the opportunity has been committed. Once committed to Aria, the billing group updates in Aria and in Aria for Salesforce at the account level.  

Support for Salesforce Console (SFDCDEV-213)

This feature provides minimal support to allow teams to use the console as their primary Salesforce interface. Once you login to Salesforce with your console credentials, you are now able to interact with Aria for Salesforce functionality. 

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

All special characters were not supported in the plan search in the Add plans page (TICKET-515)

Aria for Salesforce has been updated to include @ # $ % ^ & * () _ - + ? ~" including "/ and ." special characters.  

Standard rate schedule was still displaying when defining custom rate schedule on opportunity (TICKET-523) 

When defining a custom rate schedule on an opportunity, the standard rate schedule was still displaying. This occurred due to the custom rate schedule not getting stamped on the Account Plan object.  The code logic was updated to ensures that if a user selects a custom rate schedule, it must populate on the Account Plan object.

Apex heap size error was occurring when adding plans (TICKET-524)

Adding plans (~ 30) via the new interface with 25 services each was hitting the Salesforce limitation. The approach has been updated to not count services when adding new plans. Instead, plans are added with their respective services from default rates.

DKK prices in the Overview screen displaying incorrectly (TICKET-530)

Price for plans was displayed as 0.00 for few cases in the Overview screen. The price was calculated on all services instead of a recurring service for the same plan due to an incorrect calculation. The logic has been updated to calculate prices from the recurring service.

Account sync from Salesforce to Aria was not working correctly (TICKET-542) 

Account was not syncing from Aria to Aria for Salesforce. The issue was occurring due to an SOQL error which has been corrected by updating the query for person accounts. 

Account plan was listed twice on account (TICKET-543) 

Account plan was listed twice in the related list on account. In case of plan cancellation, the status of the plan was updating to "cancelled" immediately, even if the opportunity was not committed. Thus, it was listing the plan with other active and cancelled plans in Account plan section. A new status of "Cancel" has been introduced if the account plan is cancelled in Aria for Salesforce but not yet committed to Aria.

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