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Aria for Salesforce 3.19

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.19

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Support to Keep Orders Linked to Original Opportunity (SFDCDEV-214)

This feature keeps orders on the original opportunity, rather than linking the order to the latest opportunity. Previously, after adding a one-time product to a plan within an opportunity and committing, all subsequent commits of that same plan (even in different opportunities) replaced the one-time products for all opportunities with the latest commit.

Support for Future Plan Changes (SFDCDEV-215)

This feature supports the ability to create, view, and cancel future-dated Master and Supplemental subscription/plan changes during the time between when they are scheduled and when the change takes effect. Refer to Future Plan Changes DEV-6103 in the Aria Crescendo release notes for more information regarding this functionality.


  • A committed opportunity with plan(s) assigned

Add Changes to a Plan for a Future Date

Getting Here: Select an account > select an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button > Open Plan Selection & Configuration module

Assignment Scope Link Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Click Change. The following overlay displays.

On a Future Date Selection Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select On a Future Date. 
  2. Click OK. The Assignment Scope displays calendar field to specify the future date.

Assignment Scope with Future Date Option Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Enter the date you want the plan changes to occur. 
  2. Make the relevant plan changes, for example an increase in units or a change in discount.
  3. Click Save. The plan displays with future plan change indicated. 

Future Plan Change Scheduled Salesforce 3.19.png

Net Terms Payment for Billing Group (SFDCDEV-216)

This feature adds support for Terms payment methods within Aria for Salesforce. Aria for Salesforce can import payment terms configured in Aria to Salesforce via the Refresh Client Plans from Aria button on the account home page, or by scheduling the client plan catalog sync scheduler "AriaBatchProductFieldSyncScheduler".

Within Aria for Salesforce, you may also assign, un-assign, or change payment terms for a billing group on an account. 

Access to this functionality has been added to the Billing Groups module in the Add/Modify Plans page and the Account’s overview page. 

Add/Modify Plans Page

Getting Here: Create or select an account > Create or open an opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button > Billing Group module

Payment terms Salesforce 3.19.png

An option for Term is now available. When this option is selected, a drop-down displays with the configured terms as available selections.

If the Term option that you choose requires EAN and GLN numbers, additional input fields display. If these fields display, they are required.

EAN GLN Input Fields Salesforce 3.19.png

Account Screen

Getting Here: Select an account > scroll to the Account plan section

Edit Billing Group from Accts Screen 3.19.png

  1. Click Edit next the Billing Group.  The Billing Group details screen displays. 

Edit Billing Group 3.19.png

  1. Update the payment option and/or payment terms. 
  2. Click Save.

Drop-down Implemented on the Plan Selection Page to Increase the Number of Plans Displayed (SFDCDEV-218)

A drop-down has been added to the Plan Selection page to increase the number of plans displayed. 

Getting Here: Aria General Configurations tab > Plan Selection tab

Dropdown for Plan Selection Salesforce 3.19.png

Enhanced Error Messages During Global Commit (SFDCDEV-219)

Error messages during global commit have been replaced with Salesforce collection data types and each error has a proper error code and error message. See below for specific codes and messages. 

General Error

If <OppId> or <QuoteId> parameters are passed as null or blank to the method "CommitToAriaV1(OppId, QuoteId)", the error code that displays is 905 with the description "No valid input is provided."

If any exception (for example, DML or callout error) occurred during processing the data into Aria for Salesforce, then an exception message is returned as an output.

Opportunity Commit

Error Code Error Message
900 Account Plans do not exist on opportunity
901 Commit is not allowed on opportunity
902 Opportunity is already closed
903 Invalid opportunity ID provided

Quote Commit

Code Error Message
900 Account Plans do not exist on quote
901 Commit is not allowed on quote
902 Opportunity is already closed
903 Invalid quote ID provided
906 Job has been successfully initiated to commit changes over Aria

Data Load for Refresh from Plans Button Reduced (SFDCDEV-220)

Previously, accounts with over 40 plans returned an error message after clicking the Refresh from Aria button. The behavior of Aria for Salesforce has been updated to pull plans in batches of 40 or less to avoid data overload and the subsequent error message.

Support for Credit Memos (SFDCDEV-222)

This feature aligns Aria for Salesforce capabilities with Aria's credit memo feature. Within Aria for Salesforce you can now add a credit memo to plan's balance. 

Getting Here: Select an account > Aria Payments and Credit button  > Credit Memos tab

Create Credit Memo Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Click Create. The credit memo form displays.

Credit Memo Select Invoice Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select the invoice to which you want to add the credit. You can select from the list displayed, or use the Select a Plan drop-down to show invoices that contain a specific plan.  
  2. Click Next. The credit memo details screen displays.

Enter Credit Memo Info Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select a Reason Code. 
  2. Optionally, enter a comment for the credit memo.
  3. Enter the credit Amount.
  4. Click Save. The credit has been applied. 

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

Existing coupons were missing from opportunities created via the embedded account page (TICKET-552)

Existing coupons were missing from opportunities created via the embedded account page. The coupon handling was not properly accumulating coupons from account as well as plans. Changes were made to handle all types of coupons on opportunities within the AriamidplanController Class. 

Error Received when Duplicating a Plan (TICKET-553)

The error "Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment" was displayed when duplicating a plan. To avoid this error, a loop is now used instead of direct assignment of multiple rows. 

ASF3_Aria_Coupon_Historyc.ASF3Client_Plan_Instance_Noc Field length did not align with Aria (TICKET-555)

​The ASF3_Aria_Coupon_Historyc.ASF3Client_Plan_Instance_Noc field had a max length 18, but the corresponding ASF3Account_Planc.ASF3Client_Plan_Instance_Id_c field has max length 50. The max length has been updated to be 50 for both parameters. 

Unit Changes were Causing Invalid Query Locator (TICKET-557)

When changing units on a plan, the "Invalid query locator" error message was displayed. This issue was caused by a Salesforce limitation with plans having more than 40 rate tiers. The logic has been updated to handle complex nested queries to eliminate the invalid query locator issue. 

Account Supplemental Field Errors (TICKET-558)

The following errors have been corrected in Aria for Salesforce: 

  • Supplemental fields were set to null when committed
  • In Aria General Configuration, under Custom Permissions, the list of supplemental fields was empty
  • Clicking Create / update plan supp fields was creating errors in logs
  • Field description in Setup stated "Field Deleted at Aria" for some fields

Unexpected URL Redirect When Committing (TICKET-559)

An unexpected URL redirect sometimes occurred when committing an opportunity to Aria. The root cause determined for this issue is if any API errors occurred during commit, the system was not alerting the user and instead redirecting the user to the configured destination. Now, if any errors occur, the page does not redirect to the configured URL, but stays on the same page. The user can then click Save and Exit or correct the errors on the page. 

Greater Than 40 Rate Tiers Caused Error on Commit (TICKET-608)

An error message was displayed when committing a plan with > 40 rate tiers. This issue was caused by an initial failed query, followed by a second attempt with an SOQL error. The application's logic has been updated to to handle all fields of the object in the SOQL. 

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