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Aria for Salesforce 3.24

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.24

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

More Efficient Synchronization Between Connector and Aria (SDFCDEV-243)

This feature simplifies the synchronization between the connector and Aria to include only fields that have recently been updated. Previously, when making API calls to update Aria from Salesforce, the connector synced all object data rather than only relevant field-level data. This new functionality implements a more efficient synchronization by only syncing relevant field-level data that the user has changed when updating Salesforce to Aria .

Now, when the connector syncs with Aria, the connector only sends fields in the API requests to update data in Aria for an existing account that has been changed by the user for the below objects:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Aria Billing Group
  • Aria Contracts
  • Account Plan

When a user updates any of the above object records for an existing account that has already been committed to Aria, only the updated fields are sent to Aria in the API requests.

User Interface Updated to Alert User to Discrepancies Between Active Plan and Draft Plan (SFDCDEV-244)

This feature updates the user interface to communicate when a discrepancy exists between plans on an open opportunity. This can occur when multiple users are working with open opportunities or configuring plans. This feature notifies the user that he or she may overwrite another user's changes upon committing. This feature also adds an option to sync the plans to resolve the conflict.

Notifications now display in the main overview page and selected plan page.

Getting Here: Open an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button

Plan Selection Module with Plan in Conflict 3.24.png  

If one or more plans are in conflict:

  1. The number of plans in conflict displays next to the Plan Selection and Configuration heading.
  2. An alert displays next to the details of the plan in conflict.
  3. Sync button displays, which allows you to update the conflicted plan with the information on the active plan.  This resolves the conflict, but you may lose work.  

Note: Once you click Sync, you cannot undo this action.

For the example shown above, after clicking the Sync button, the number of plan units updates to 2 units. This aligns the plan with the active plan on the account.  

Getting Here: Open an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button > Plan Selection & Configuration > Edit

A plan in conflict is highlighted in red on the Selected Plan page with an associated conflict message.

Selected plan red highlight 3.24.png

Improved Sync when using Bulk APIs (SFDCDEV-245)

Prior to this feature, the bulk API always sent information to the connector to update account and contact information, but the connector (if so configured) automatically sent updates back to Aria for these changes. This would cause a cyclical loop between the connector and Aria. To prevent this, previously, it was recommended to set the custom setting Sync account update to Aria to False, which prevented the connector from initiating an account sync back to Aria.  However, keeping this setting as False was not optimal, as existing users could not update account and contact information to Aria in real time. 

This feature changes the behavior of the bulk API to identify the type of user initiating the API call and perform differently if the user is labeled as an "Integration User."  For an "Integration User", Salesforce skips all trigger executions for Account and Standard Contact objects. The custom setting for Sync account update to Aria can now be set to True. Real-time account data is sent to Aria from Salesforce but the cyclical loop does not occur when using the bulk API. 

To use this feature, a user login name must be entered as an Integration User.

Configure the Integration User

Getting Here: Aria Systems App > Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Setting > Aria Custom Settings >Manage button > ARIA_INTEGRATION_USER_NAME

Integration User Setup 3.24.png

  1. Check Aria Boolean Key.
  2. Enter the Integration User login name in the Aria Description key field.
  3. Click Save

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

"Invalid Client Plan Instance identifier" error occurred when duplicating existing master plan with supplemental plan (TICKET-763)

When duplicating a master plan with a supplemental plan instance, the supplemental plans displayed as well as the respective unselected plan catalog. The connector's code has been updated to stop the plan catalog from displaying.

Plan Exclusion Error message was displayed (TICKET-766)

Plan exclusion validations were failing, which produced unexpected behaviors when supplemental plan(s) were selected which were in a plan exclusion group. The validation conditions for the plan exclusion module were updated to prevent this issue.

Shipping Street line breaks appear as spaces for Person accounts (TICKET-770)

In Person accounts, if a user was entering a Shipping Address Street with a value that contained more than one line, and then committing the opportunity, the line break in the Shipping Street was changed to a space. This issue occurred because Salesforce stores address1, address2 and address3 field data in a single field named "Street"(Shipping Street/Mailing Street/Billing Street) and there was an issue when the connector was segregating the data. The logic has been updated to segregate the field values (Address1, Address2 and Address3) so that the format of the Street field remains unchanged.

In programmatic commit, if nothing changed, the commit did not return message (TICKET-771)

In the programmatic commit flow, the connector was not returning any kind of message in response if the user had not changed anything (if the account plan was created programmatically and Action Taken field of account plan was not updated). This occurred because the code logic was not available to handle such a use case. A new error code (907 - No change found) has been added. 

Time limit was exceeded when using Add/Modify plans on a new opportunity (TICKET-778)

The Plan Selection dialog was appearing even if the opportunity was other than "closed won" from the connector overlay static resource. When a user tried to execute the connector flow from the overlay static resource for an opportunity which had not been closed yet, the application logic did not work because of a code condition and the Plan Selection dialog appeared. The connector overlay static resource has been updated and the plan selection dialog does not appear if the opportunity is in a state other than "closed won".

External ID for "client plan service" object created (TICKET-779)

The external ID for "client plan service (Client_Plan_Service__c)" object was required to sync bulk data. A new field (Unique_Key_c) has been created on the object <client_Plan_Service_c> with the value of External ID as <plan_no> and <service_no>. 

Unable to commit opportunity due to error "SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: Account.PersonContactId" (TICKET-780)

A user could not commit an opportunity due to a SOQL error in which the commit was failing when the user assigned a new plan on an existing person account. This SOQL error has been resolved and users can assign a new plan and commit successfully on existing person account.

Not able to remove Supplemental Plan from Master Plan with future effective date (TICKET-788)

There was an SOQL query issue which was not giving the expected result. Extra conditions have been added to the SOQL query to get the expected results so that the supplemental plan can be removed from any master plan having the future scope.

Unable to create second future change (TICKET-790) 

There was a code condition failing and throwing exception when a user tried to perform a second future change on any existing account. The code has been fixed to prevent the issue by handling the exception.

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