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Aria for Salesforce 3.25

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Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

Cancel Account Plan Enabled for Inactive Client Plans (SFDCDEV-246)

Previously, when a master client plan in the plan catalog in Aria was marked as "Inactive" and the master plan had been assigned to an account, the master plan could not be cancelled from Salesforce. This feature adds the functionality to cancel these inactive plans from Salesforce. This enhancement applies to master and supplemental plans.

Display Comments for Cash/Service Credit History Line Items (SFDCDEV-247)

This features displays comments for cash/service credit history line items by using the get_credit_details_m API. 

Getting Here: Select an account > Payments & Credits button > Credits tab

Comment Link 3.25.png

Click Comment for any history record. A pop-up displays with credit comments.

Comment Pop Up 3.25.png

Fields Added on Account Plan and Account Rate Tier Objects to Support Bulk Delete of Rate Tiers During Performance Sync (SFDCDEV-250)

This enhancement improves performance of deleting rate tiers in Aria during bulk updates. Previously, the method used to query and delete rate tiers led to extra processing and downtime. This enhancement implemented a "Sync Id" on the Account Plan Object and the Account Rate Tier object.

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

Master Plan Instance display categorization improved in the Account Plan viewer section on account page (TICKET-777)

Previously, Aria for Salesforce did not display inactive status of account plans. This status now updates when refreshing from Aria. 

A new consumer account in Aria was not syncing to Salesforce when more than 2 person account record types were present (TICKET-791)

A new consumer account in Aria was not syncing to Salesforce if there were more than 2 Person Account record types in Salesforce.

This was because at the time of sync from Aria to the connector, the account sync was failing because the connector was not supporting the use case of more than 2 person account record types. The connector logic has been updated to support this use case.

In Aria General Configurations > Other Config tab, a new configuration has been added to make recordtype "DeveloperName" configurable and the user can configure the "DeveloperName" of the default Person Account. This assigns the default Person Account record type at the time of Account sync from Aria to Aria for Salesforce.

Units were set to zero when creating a credit memo against surcharges (TICKET-797)

In credit memos and rebill, if any value included decimals, the connector was converting the value into a whole number and displaying as 0. The connector has been updated to handle decimal places. 

Data Types updated in connector (TIKCET-799)

 The Client Plan Sync was failing due to data type changes to APIs that occurred in Aria that were not also changed in the connector. These data types have been updated in the connector. 

Unable to commit product change on migrated customer (TICKET-801)

User was receiving an error when entering alternate bill day and alternate billing start date together.
This was caused by the Salesforce connector sending both values to Aria at the same time, which is not correct as per the Aria functionality. A check has been added in the Salesforce connector to send only single value at a time.

New Sync was creating duplicate accounts (TICKET-803)

When a user was trying to commit a Person Account, it was failing and an error was returned. In the case of a person account, an SOQL exception was occurring. The SOQL has been fixed to prevent this error.

Error occurring when selecting "Does Not Use e-mail" check box (TICKET-808)

When a user was trying to edit and save the Billing group details from Account Plan Viewer on Account Page, an error was  displayed. There was a code issue and the Aria API configuration was not passing to call the Aria API. The issue has been resolved by correcting the connector to pass the valid Aria API configuration to make the API calls. Billing Group data is now saved and synced successfully.

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