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Aria for Salesforce 3.26

Release Information

Salesforce Version

Version 3.26

Production Date


Aria for Salesforce System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 5, 6, 7 on OS X

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria for Salesforce Features

External IDs added to Contact (SFDCDEV-248)

This feature implements the Salesforce custom object record called Aria Contact Detail for each contact (account, billing and statement contact). This object is optional, and can be enabled in your Salesforce configuration. Once enabled, the standard contact object is not used.

Note: Once the custom object Aria Contact Detail has been enabled, you cannot revert to using the standard contact object.

The custom contact object Aria Contact Detail uses the additional fields:

  • <unique_key>: Contact external ID. This is the unique identifier of the record in Salesforce.
  • <contact_no>: Aria contact number.  This is the contact identifier of the contact in Aria. 

Note: To determine if enabling the custom contact object Aria Contact Detail is useful for your instance, please contact Aria Customer Support. Once enabled, it cannot be undone.  

Enable the Aria Contact Detail Object

Getting Here: Aria General Configurations > Other Configs tab

Contact Detail Object 3.26.png

  1. Check Use Aria Contact Detail Object. 
  2. Click Save Settings. 

Preview Screen for Credit Memo and Rebills (SFDCDEV-251) 

This feature provides a preview function of line and tax amounts prior to creating a credit memo or rebill in Aria for Salesforce. In addition, the tax amounts are now calculated using create_cm_m and gen_rb_m APIs. 

Getting Here: Create either a rebill or a credit memo

Previoew Button 3.26.png

Preview button displays for the credit memo or rebill. A pop-up displays that includes tax amounts and line amounts fo the rebill or credit memo to allow you to view the credit memo or rebill prior to saving.

User Interface Updates to the Plan Configuration Module (SFDCDEV-252)

The user interface for the Plan Selection and Configuration module has been improved to reduce the complexity of configuring plans. The user interface has been updated to selectively display options depending on if the the plans existed on the account or if the plan is new to the account. Refer to Add or Modify Plans in Salesforce for more information. 

Aria for Salesforce Fixes

MRR calculation on Account Plan level (TICKET-807)

MRR calculations were not calculating after plan cancellation due to a bug in the code where connector was bypassing the MRR calculation.

Error on commit - Assignment directive cannot be anniversary for master plan (TICKET-810)

When selecting anniversary assignment directive with assignment of new master plans, an error message was displayed at the time of commit. This occurred because Aria doesn't allow assignment of new master plans with the anniversary assignment directive. To correct this, a validation has been added on the master plan selection page that prohibits users from selecting new plans with the anniversary assignment directive.

Termination of plans with future change date not shown correctly (TICKET-815)

User was not getting effective date in the plan viewer section on cancellation or termination of plans at the time of syncing from Aria because the connector was not sending effective date to the Aria. This has been corrected and the issue resolved. 

Line Breaks removed from comment after save (TICKET-816)

While creating credits for any account, if user was entering comments in 2 or more lines, the line break was removed. The logic has been corrected to handle this and display the value in the same format which the user entered.

System.AsyncException when committing opportunity for Person Account (TICKET-818)

A System.AsyncException was occurring when committing opportunity for Person Account because the Aria Account Trigger was called. The connector's code has been updated to suppress Aria Account Trigger while updating Person Account and thus stopped any further execution and exception.

'Illegal Request' when opening 'select plans by billing group for this opportunity' screen (TICKET-822)

This issue was occurring because of a special character in the account name. On click of "New Product change", this was failing with the "Illegal request" error as the name field was coming in as a URL query string. The connector's logic has been updated to not read the value of "Name" from query string. 

Not able to rebill surcharges (TICKET-823)

User was not able to rebill surcharges and line items were not saving in the case of having 0 value in rate per units.
The code has been updated to handle this scenario. 

DUPLICATE_VALUE ASF3__Unique_Key__c while calling AriaCouponAPIHelper.process_coupons (TICKET-835)

While processing coupons, the connector was trying to update coupons with UPSERT statement which was failing due to some NULL values and thus causing duplicate error in unique key. The connector's code has been updated to handle NULL values before UPSERT statement and stop NULL values being processed as unique key and causing duplicate.

Update concatenated External Id's with an "_" delimiter (TICKET-845)

This bug adds the delimiter "_" (one underscore) when concatenating Id's as External Id 1: 500 + "_" + 11= 500_11.

Invoice history and invoice line items fields mapped incorrectly (TICKET-849)

Invoice history and invoice line items fields were mapped incorrectly. At the time of data sync from Aria to SFDC, the mapping was not correct for few fields for Aria Invoice and Aria Invoice line item. Mapping has been corrected and the data is getting synced properly.

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