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Assign a Coupon to an Opportunity


Once you have created a new account within Salesforce, you can assign a coupon to the account by following the steps in this article.

 Note: You can only assign a coupon to an account from an associated opportunity.

Assigning a Coupon to an Opportunity

Getting Here: Touch Menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) > Accounts > select an account > Related > Opportunities

  1. Verify that there is an opportunity associated with the account or add an opportunity and then continue.


  1. Touch an opportunity name to continue. The Opportunity screen displays.

Note: If you edit an opportunity whose plan assignment has already been saved to Aria, you see the message "The account exists in Aria. Please create a quote for new account."


  1. Touch the Show More button in the lower right corner of the screen. A menu with available actions opens.


  1. Touch Add Quote. The Create a New Quote screen displays.


  1. Touch Coupons. A screen displays where you can enter the coupon code to assign to the opportunity.


  1. Enter the coupon code and touch Validate. The Coupon Code Detail screen displays the information about the coupon.


  1. Touch Assign. The coupon is assigned to the opportunity.


Deleting a Coupon on an Opportunity

Once a coupon has been added to an opportunity, you must use the full Salesforce site to  delete it.

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