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Create a New Account


This article provides the steps necessary to create a new account in the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Note: If an account's plan assignment has not been saved to Aria, then that account is not created in Aria.

Creating a New Account in Salesforce

Getting Here: Touch Menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) > Accounts > New

  1. Select the type of account you are creating from the Record Type of new record drop-down menu. Allowable values are:

    • Business Account - This account type is held by an organization.
    • Person Account - This account type is held by a single individual. Note the following about Person accounts:
      • Person accounts have an account name that is the first and last name of the account holder, and cannot have a parent account associated with them.
      • Person accounts are treated as both a contact and as an account. Therefore, the Billing Contact, Account Contact, Account Name, and Consumer Account fields all default to the account holder's information.

        If Person accounts are not enabled for your instance of Salesforce, then you do not see these options and the account is automatically created as a Business account. After an account is created, you cannot change this value.

  2. Enter the account information in the appropriate fields.


  1. Touch Save when you are finished. 

The account is created.

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