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Schedule Your Nightly Apex Jobs


You need to schedule one Apex job, AriaBatchProductFieldSyncScheduler, to refresh new/changed Aria plan data in Salesforce.

Notes: The AriaBatchProductFieldSyncScheduler job takes approximately one hour to run. Be sure to schedule the three additional jobs listed above at least one hour after the job that refreshes your client plans.

Scheduling The Nightly Apex Job

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Develop.
  3. Click Apex Classes.

schedule nightly apex1.png

  1. Click Schedule Apex.

schedule nightly apex2.png

  1. Enter a meaningful Job Name.
  2. Click on the search button to lookup the Apex Class.

schedule nightly apex3.png

  1. Click AriaBatchProductFieldSyncScheduler.

    This job refreshes your client plans.

schedule nightly apex4.png

  1. Complete the remaining fields as described below:
  • Frequency: Select Weekly.
  • Recurs every week on: Select all of the days.
  • Start: Type in or select the date on which you want the job to start running.
  • End: Type in or select the date on which you want the job to stop running. You can make this date as far in the future as you want.
  • Preferred Start Time: Select the time at which the job should run every day. You should select a time that falls within off-peak hours.
  1. Click Save.

schedule nightly apex5.png

The job appears in your list of Apex classes as shown below.

schedule nightly apex6.png

  1. To check the status of an Apex job: Click Setup on your user menu > Monitoring Apex Jobs.
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