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Import Your Plans from Aria into Salesforce


After you set up your Aria API configuration in Salesforce and whitelist the Salesforce IP addresses in Aria, you can import plans from Aria into Salesforce. As a final step, enable these plans for your profiles to ensure the plans are visible in Aria for Salesforce. In this process, import the plans that are associated with a promotional plan set in Aria. You identified the promotional plan set by providing the relevant promotion code in the Salesforce Aria API Configuration process.

Importing Plans from Aria into Salesforce

  1. Click Client Plans. 

Client Plans Nav Bar.png

  1. Click Refresh Client Plans from Aria.

Note: The Apex job may take more than 15 minutes to import your plans from Aria depending on the number of plans associated with your specified promotion code. 

To check the status of the job: Click Setup on your user menu > click Monitoring > click Apex Jobs. The Apex job status displays, as shown below.

import plans3.png

After the job is complete, the imported plans display under the Client Plans tab as shown below.

import plans4.png

Enable Plans for your Salesforce Profiles

This step enables the plans to be visible based on user profiles. 

Getting Here: Aria General Configurations tab > Plan Selection

All Profiles 3.20.png

  1. For each plan, select the applicable profile(s). For more information on profiles, refer to Set up Salesforce profiles.
  • To apply the plan to all profiles, check the all profiles checkbox.  
  • To specify individual profiles, click the Select Profile field. A list of configured profiles displays from which to choose. You may choose more than one profile by clicking each name. 

Indiv Profiles 3.20.png

  1. Click Save Settings. The plans are now enabled for the specified profiles.  
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