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Whitelist the Salesforce.com IP Addresses


Whitelist the IP addresses from which Salesforce will be making API calls to Aria. If you do not whitelist these IP addresses, you will encounter authentication errors.

Salesforce’s current list of IP addresses is posted here: Important Security Considerations.

Whitelisting the Salesforce.com IP Addresses

  1. Log in to Aria.
  2. Click Configuration > Integrations > Web Service API.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. The Salesforce.com IP address ranges are as follows; it is a best practice to enter each of these IP address ranges. Enter the first IP address in the Starting IP text box, and enter the second IP in the Ending IP text box, for each pair of IP addresses.
  • ARIN - - - -

  • Canada (Public Cloud) - -

  • Australia (Public Cloud) - -

  • RIPE - -

  • APNIC - - -

  1. Select "Yes" for each of the four Valid for select boxes.
  2. Enter a Description to explain the IP address range.
  3. Click Save.
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