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Capabilities of Aria for Salesforce

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The Aria for Salesforce application is designed to synchronize accounts, plans, services, rates, non-subscription offerings, termed agreements and etc. between your Salesforce instance and Aria. See below for a high-level overview of the various features that facilitate this synchronization.

Features of the Aria for Salesforce Integration

  • Synchronization between Aria and Aria for Salesforce occurs during scheduled batch jobs and on-demand using the Commit, Refresh from Aria, and Refresh Aria Transaction buttons available in the interface. The buttons and batch jobs support precise control of which items are synchronized and when.  

For example, the Refresh from Aria Transaction button on the Account home page only pulls transaction records (transactions, statements, comments, payments, refunds, invoices, etc.) on-demand. This sync is also included in the AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler job. 

  • In Aria, plans are added to a Plan Set and the Plan Set is then associated with a promotion code. Aria for Salesforce uses this promotion code to identify which Plan Set(s) to synchronize between Aria and Aria for Salesforce.
  • The following items can be included in the various synchronizations:
    • Aria Product Catalog (consisting of plan sets, services, and rates)
    • Aria Accounts
    • Billing Groups
    • Non-subscription Offerings
    • Parent-child Account Relationships
    • Termed Agreements
    • Test accounts
  • You can use the Salesforce interface to make changes within Quotes, Opportunities, or Accounts and these changes are included in synchronization. For example, you can: 
    • Assign or change a plan within a customer’s account.
    • Add, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel supplemental plans within a customer’s account.
    • Add custom rates for an account plan.
  • Aria supplemental fields can be mapped to account fields in Salesforce.
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