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Update Account Information


When an account is updated in Salesforce, the account is automatically updated in Aria with the new information.

Note: If an account’s plan assignment has not been saved to Aria, then account updates made in Salesforce are not reflected in Aria.

Updating Account Information

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account

  1. Click Edit.

update account1.png

  1. Make all applicable changes to the account information.
You can select Aria Test Account to mark the account as a test account as shown below. An account marked as a test account in Salesforce is automatically marked as a test account in Aria. An account marked as a test account in Aria is automatically marked as a test account in Salesforce.

Note: Test accounts are not billed for plan or order-based charges.

update account2.png

  1. Click Save.

update account 3.png

When the following fields on the account when updated, their information is sent to Aria:

  • Aria Account Contact
  • Aria Billing Contact
  • Aria Client Account ID
  • Aria Notify Method
  • Aria Pay Method
  • Aria Responsibility Level
  • Aria Status
  • Aria Test Account
  • Parent ID
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