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Aria for Salesforce

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Aria’s integration with, "Aria For Salesforce" (AFS), automates sophisticated business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) recurring revenue models.

AFS enables users to access Aria’s subscription management capabilities, while leveraging the power of This integration delivers near-real-time synchronization of account and entitlement information, replication of Aria's product catalog, customer activity tracking from initial quote through inbound revenue, subscription management, and more. AFS also supports mapping between some Aria objects and native objects, such as Price Books.

Salesforce order to bill.png

Features of the Aria For Salesforce Integration 

  • Near-real-time synchronization via Aria Provisioning events sent to, and API calls from AFS to Aria
  • On-demand synchronization within using the CommitRefresh from Aria, and Refresh Aria Transaction buttons available in the interface.
  • Batch synchronization via nightly Apex batch jobs.  
  • Items that can be synchronized
    • Aria Product Catalog
      • Non-subscription Offerings
      • Master Plans
      • Supplemental Plans
      • Services and pricing
    • Aria Accounts
      • Billing Groups
      • Parent-child Account Relationships
      • Termed Agreements
      • Test accounts
      • Billing-related transactions
  • Account Management With AFS on
    • Create and send Quotes using products in the Aria product catalog
    • Create and manage Opportunities using products in the Aria product catalog
    • Add, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel plans within a customer’s account
    • Add custom rates for an account plan
    • More on AFS account management
  • Data mapping
    • Aria account supplemental fields to specific account fields
    • Aria Product Catalog items to Price Books
    • More on AFS data mapping



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