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Aria for Salesforce

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Aria’s integration with Salesforce assists in the seamless automation of sophisticated business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) recurring revenue models.

The Aria Billing and Subscription Management Platform automates the entire subscriber lifecycle from initial customer acquisition through service activation, usage tracking, billing and invoicing, collections, and customer service - and is tightly integrated with Salesforce. Aria’s integration with Salesforce automates any combination of one-time, subscription-based or usage-based fees from simple, flat-rate subscriptions to sophisticated, tiered usage-based models.

Aria for Salesforce enables Salesforce users to access Aria’s subscription management capabilities, while leveraging the power of Salesforce. The combined strengths of the Aria and Salesforce platforms make it easier for businesses to manage their recurring revenue and the entire subscriber lifecycle. This integration delivers real-time, automatic synchronization of account and entitlement information, replication between Aria and Salesforce products, customer activity tracking from initial quote through inbound revenue, subscription management, and more.

Refer to Capabilities of Aria for Salesforce for a high-level list of the specific actions of Aria for Salesforce to support this seamless integration. 

Quote to Cash Phase

The "Quote to Cash" phase encompasses all the processes starting with sending a quote to the customer to collecting money from the customer. Product catalog updates are synced to Salesforce via nightly batch jobs or on-demand. All account updates from Aria are synced near real-time via Aria's event notifications. Orders, contracts, and assets (purchased plans) typically flow from Salesforce to Aria. Any updates in Aria are pushed to Salesforce near real-time.

Salesforce order to bill.png

Customer Care Phase

The "Customer Care" phase encompasses all the processes after a customer signs up for a service. In this phase, Aria is the owner of the billing transactions and all data is visible within Salesforce. Updates are synced in real-time from Salesforce to Aria. All transactional data is retrieved for display in Salesforce via real-time API calls from Aria. Transactional records can also be pulled from Aria on-demand and are displayed in the Quick View section of the Accounts page via the Refresh Aria Transaction button.

Updates to objects like accounts, assets, and contracts from Aria are synced via a batch process or an on-demand pull from Salesforce.

Salesforce update process.png


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