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View a User's Changes


When a Salesforce user generates an update to Aria, his or her Salesforce user ID is passed in the <alt_caller_id> parameter field of any associated API. In addition, the following fields are populated with Aria for Salesforce data for any API that posts data to Aria from Salesforce:  

  • <alt_caller_id>: First 30 characters of the Salesforce login ID of the user initiating the call
  • <application_id>: Populates with "Aria For Salesforce 3"
  • <application_date>: Date time value including the user's time zone. For example "2015-05-21 21:50:14 (PST)".

You can access this information in Aria Crescendo in the account's recent comments or search for the associated API in the web service API calls audit log.

View User ID and Related Information in Account's Recent Comments

Getting Here: Open Aria CrescendoSearch for an account > Account Overview tab > Recent Comments section

Recent Comments 3.22.png

View User ID in Web Service API Calls Audit Log

Refer to Web Service API Calls for more information performing a search in the audit logs. 

Getting Here: Open Aria CrescendoClick Configuration > Audit Logs > Web Service API > Perform search

Note: For more information on performing this search, refer to Web Service API Calls

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