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Rebill an Invoice in Aria for Salesforce


When you rebill an invoice, you create a modified copy of an original invoice with adjusted charge amounts for various line items.

When you rebill, you can adjust the rate to an amount other than the original charge. Rebilling an invoice automatically generates a credit memo on the invoice that is for the difference between the original amount and the rebilled amount.

The rebill uses the current payment method assigned to the billing group. If the billing group has changed since the initial invoice was created, any refunds go to the current payment method.

Refer to Rebill an Invoice for additional details regarding settings and types of invoices that can be rebilled.  

Rebill an Invoice

Getting Here: Open an account > Aria Payments and Credits

Payments and Credits Button 3.20.png

  1. Click the Rebills tab. A list of invoices that are available for rebill displays. 

Note: If available, the tax amount displays for each line item.

Rebill tab Screen 3.20.png

  1. Select an invoice number. The details for the invoice display.

Click Rebill 3.20.png

  1. Click Create a Rebill. The rebill form displays. 

Rebill 2 3.22.png

  1. Select a Reason Code. This field is mandatory. Note that only Reason Codes defined with a type of Rebill display in this drop-down menu. See Create a Reason Code for additional information.
  2. Enter a Comment
  3. To specify the same contact for each invoice line item, check Use Single Address for all Invoice Line Items. Once checked, this text becomes a link. To edit the contact, click the link.  If tax address(es) exist for the account, a screen displays with drop-downs to choose various contacts.  These tax addresses are defined in your Account Contacts. Note that changing the tax address can change the tax calculation for the rebill.

In the example below, Destination Contacts have been configured in Aria, and are available for selection: 

Destination contact 3.22.png

After making your selection, click Save.  

If you want to specify different contacts for each invoice line items, follow the instructions in step 9 below.

  1. You can optionally change the service by clicking Change, if the service is not order-based or usage-based. You are limited to services with the same type as the one you are changing.
  2. You can optionally change the values in the Units and Rate fields for each line item. When you are rebilling a charge that is not usage, the unit must be a whole number. The maximum rate amount cannot exceed the amount of the line item.
  3. Click the pencil icon to optionally add or change the purchase order number or the tax addresses for each line item. These tax addresses are defined in your Account Contacts. Note that changing the tax address can change the tax calculation for the rebill.

Clicking this icon also displays a checkbox with the option Do not bill this line. Checking this option changes the units, rate, and amount to 0 and prevents further edits to the line until the box is unchecked. 

Basic Tab 

Basic tab 3.20.png

Tax Addresses Tab 

tax Addresses 3.20.png

  1. Click Save. The original invoice is marked with a pay date, and a new invoice displays. 

Rebill Details screen 3.20.png

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