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Create a Credit Memo

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Credit memos allow the whole or partial crediting of original invoice lines.

Create a Credit Memo

Getting Here: Select an account > Aria Payments and Credits button > Credit Memos tab

Credit memos tab 3.22 ug.png

  1. Click Create. The credit memo form displays.

Credit Memo Select Invoice Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select the plan to which you want to add the credit. You can select from the list displayed, or use the Select a Plan drop-down if you have many plans.  
  2. Click Next. The credit memo details screen displays.

Enter Credit Memo Info Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select a Reason Code.  
  2. Optionally, enter a comment for the credit memo.
  3. Enter the credit Amount.
  4. Click Save. The credit memo has been applied. 
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