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Enter Promotions


You can enter promotions by adding coupons to opportunities or quotes from the Promotions form.

A coupon provides a credit on a customer’s invoice as a flat amount or percentage-based amount. Coupons are validated by Aria in Salesforce before they can be added to Salesforce. If the validation is successful, the coupon can be added. If you receive an error when assigning the coupon, it may be because the New Acct Auto Gen Pw Rule and Auto Gen Userid Rule miscellaneous client settings are set to False. In this case, you may need to provide a one-time user ID and password.

Note: Salesforce does not display canceled or inactive coupons.

Entering Promotions

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote > click Add/Modify Plans > Plan Configuration > Select a plan

  1. In the Promotions section, type a coupon code in the field.
  2. Click Validate to verify that the coupon code is correct.


The coupon details display.

  1. Click Assign to assign the coupon effect.


The customer receives the applicable credits on future invoices. Coupons applied to the account in Aria are synced to Salesforce via the scheduled nightly jobs, so they may not appear immediately. The total coupon discount is printed in the Aria Discount Total field on the account after the account has been saved to Aria.

Note: Discounts can only be edited at the plan level.

Deleting Promotions

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote

  1. Click Del next to the applicable Aria coupon name.


  1.  Confirm that you want to delete the coupon in the confirmation dialog.
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