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Choose PriceBook


You can choose a preset pricebook from the drop-down within the Choose PriceBook form. If only one pricebook is configured, that pricebook is chosen by default and the form does not display. To have more than one pricebook to choose from while setting up an opportunity or quote, you can follow the prerequisite steps below.


  • If you want to use the standard Salesforce products and plans, and utilize the PriceBook functionality, you must first turn on the Aria Catalog to SFDC Product Sync.
  • When a quote or opportunity is being saved with Aria plans, if the pricebook does not contain the selected Aria products, you see an error message asking you to select a different pricebook.


Getting Here: Click All Tabs > Aria General Configurations > Price Book Config tab

  1. Highlight all applicable pricebooks from the Available PriceBooks column.
  1. Move each desired pricebook to the Selected PriceBooks column by utilizing the middle arrows.

pricebook configv2.png

  1. Click Save Settings.

All pricebooks saved in the Selected PriceBooks column display in the Choose PriceBook form in the plan wizard when setting up an opportunity or quote. Additionally, the selected pricebooks are updated/synced when products are synced from Aria (i.e. these selected pricebooks contain the plans synced from Aria).

Choosing a PriceBook

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote > click Add/Modify Plans > Choose PriceBook

  1. Select a pricebook from the PriceBook drop-down.

choose pricebookv2.png

Note: The Choose PriceBook form does not display if there is only one default pricebook configured. To configure additional pricebooks to choose from when setting up an opportunity or quote, follow the steps in the Prerequisites section above.

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