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Insert Custom Visualforce Pages


In addition to turning off specified plan wizard steps, the process for setting up an opportunity or quote can be customized by inserting custom Visualforce pages. When inserting Visualforce pages, the following values are customizable:

  • Name of the custom section
  • URL for the custom Visualforce page
  • Length and width of the display window in the plan wizard
  • Position of the window in the plan wizard
  • Which default plan wizard section the window will display
  • Optional setting to make window mandatory
  • Optional setting to set user profiles to window

Inserting a Custom Visualforce Page

Getting Here: Click All Tabs > Aria General Configurations > Screen Config tab > Navigation UI Section

  1. Insert a custom section name into the Name field.
  2. Insert a URL for the custom Visualforce page into the URL field.
  3. Insert position values into the Width and Height fields to determine the dimensions of the display window.
  4. Select either Insert Up or Insert Down from the first Position drop-down to determine the position of the window in the plan wizard.
  5. Select a default plan wizard section from the second Position drop-down to determine which plan wizard section the window will display.
  6. Check the Mandatory checkbox to indicate if the window must be filled out by the user during the plan purchase.

Note: If this window is configured as mandatory and a user clicks Commit or Save as Draft without completing this field, an error message displays and the plan purchase process does not complete.

  1. Check the All Profiles checkbox to have this window display to all users.

visual force1v2.png

To only have this window display to specified user profiles, click the Select Profiles field and choose which profiles the window should be visible to.

visual force2v2.png

Note: To add additional custom Visualforce pages, click the +Add More button and complete the steps listed above.

  1. Click Save Settings.
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