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Turn on Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects


Clicking the Refresh Aria Transactions button on the Accounts page pulls transaction records (transactions, statements, comments, payments, refunds, invoices, etc.) on-demand. This sync is also included in the AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler job.

This sync must first be configured by following the steps below.

Turning on Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects

Getting Here: Click Setup

  1. Expand the Develop module from the App Setup pane.


  1. Click Custom Settings.
  2. Click the Manage link next to Aria Custom Settings.

aria custom settingsv2.png

  1. Click the Edit link next to Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects.

aria catalog product syncv3.png

The Edit Aria Custom Settings page displays.

  1. Click the Aria Boolean Key checkbox.

edit aria custom settingsv4.png

  1. Click Save.
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