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View Account Information


Once an account has been created or imported into Salesforce, you can view the account information at any time by following the steps in this article. Some of the key information on the account page is highlighted below.

Note: The location of the fields on the screen will vary based on how your Salesforce System Administrator set up your page layouts.

Viewing Account Information

Getting Here: Click Accounts > select an account



Refresh from Aria: Click to refresh all account data, including account details, account plans, account supplemental fields, contracts, coupons, orders, and payment method.


Refresh Aria Transaction: Click to pull transaction records (transactions, statements, comments, payments, refunds, invoices, etc.) on demand. This sync is also included in the "AriaBatchAccountDetailsUpdaterScheduler" job. Additionally, these transaction records are pulled in real-time when an account is created in Salesforce and is pushed to Aria via the Commit button.

Note: This sync must first be configured by turning on the custom setting Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects.


Aria Comments: Click to display Aria comments.


Aria Statements: Click to display Aria statements.


Aria Payments and Credits: Click to manage credits and refunds, make a one-time payment, or create write-offs or dispute holds.


Aria Account History: Click to display plan history and account status history.


Aria Usage History: Click to display the usage history for service types.


Aria Invoice Approval Required: This checkbox is populated from Aria and indicates if invoices must be approved before they are sent.


Aria MRR Total: The Aria MRR Total (monthly recurring revenue) displays the Aria plans to which the customer is subscribed. The Aria MMR Total reflects only Aria plans and does not take Salesforce products into account. In addition, the Aria MRR Total reflects only recurring charges and does not include usage-based or one-time charges.


Quick View: The Quick View section shows an account summary based on transaction records pulled from Aria.

Note: If the Quick View section does not display, turn on the Sync Aria Transactions to SFDC Objects setting.

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