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One-Time Orders

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You can enter Aria orders to purchase one-time items from within Salesforce. One-time order origination during account creation or mid-term plan change enables you to do the following:

  • Select a plan
  • Create a new order
  • Search for items
  • Enter quantities
  • Save the order draft
  • Review the order details
  • Submit the order to Aria
  • Add a payment method (if needed)
  • View the order you created

A plan must first be selected before an order can be added to a new account. The only time an order can be added without a plan is during a mid-term plan change (i.e. when an account already exists in Aria), because the account will already have a plan.

The Aria for Salesforce app allows a one-time order to be created with the status “Order Billed” (to bill immediately), “Order Filled” (to bill on anniversary), or “Order Held” (Pending status). When in the “Order Held” status, the order is not billed, and can later be updated to a status of “Order billed,” “Order Filled,” or “Order Cancelled”.

Order Syncing

For an account in Salesforce that also exists as an account in Aria – If an order is created in Aria in a pending state (status “Order Held”), and if Aria triggers event notifications for “Order Held,” then these orders created in Aria will sync to Salesforce in real-time via the Aria event notification. If Aria does not support event notifications for the “Order Held” status, then the order will not flow to Salesforce in real-time.

For an account in Salesforce that exists as an account in Aria – If the orders on the account in Aria are updated from “Order Held” to “Order Billed,” “Order Filled,” or “Order Cancelled,” these orders sync in real-time from Aria to Salesforce via order event notifications.

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