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Using a Dummy Email for a Statement Contact


Aria requires a statement contact’s email address to trigger the statement generation event. For contacts who do not use email, for example a client who only receives printed statements, a dummy email can be configured in Aria for Salesforce.

During syncs, the dummy email configured in Aria General Configurations is only migrated from Salesforce to Aria. When syncing back from Aria to Salesforce, if the "do not use email" parameter is checked, the dummy email address does not sync. 

To use this feature, a dummy email address is entered in the Aria General Configurations. Subsequently, when configuring a contact’s information, select the option to indicate that the contact does not use email. 

Configure a Dummy Email

Add the Dummy Email Address to Aria General Configurations

Getting Here: Aria Systems App > Aria General Configurations tab > Other Configs

Dummy Email Config 3.22.png

  1. Enter the dummy email address in the Dummy Email field.
  2. Click Save. 

Specify That a Contact Does Not Use Email

The functionality to indicate that a contact does not use email is accessible through various locations in the interface. These include the Billing Groups Module, Account Overview screen, and the Contacts tab.

Billing Group Module

Getting Here: Navigate to an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button > Billing Groups module > Edit

billing contact check box 3.22.png

  1. Check the This Contact Does Not Use Email checkbox. 
  2. Click Save.
Account Overview Screen or the Contacts tab

Getting Here: Accounts tab > Select an account > Scroll to Account Contacts > Edit 


Getting Here: Contact tab > Select an account > Select a contact or click New

Contact Edit Email 3.22.png

  1. Check the Do Not Use Email checkbox. 
  2. Click Save.
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