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Change the Assignment Scope for Plan Changes


You can make changes to a plan and schedule these changes to occur at a future date or on the anniversary date.  You can create, view, and cancel these future-dated changes during the time between when they are scheduled and when the change takes effect. 

Add Changes to a Plan for a Future Date 

Getting Here: Select an account > select an Opportunity > Add/Modify Plans button > Open Plan Selection & Configuration module

Assignment Scope Link Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Click Change. The following overlay displays.

On a Future Date Selection Salesforce 3.19.png

  1. Select a new assignment scope from the following options:
  • Immediately 
  • On Anniversary Date
  • On a Future Date
  1. Click OK. The assignment scope displays the option you selected.  

If the selection is On a Future Date, a calendar field displays to specify the future date.

Assignment Scope with Future Date Option Salesforce 3.19.png

  • Enter the date you want the plan changes to occur. 
  • Make the relevant plan changes, for example an increase in units or a change in discount.
  1. Click Save. 


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