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Aria Functional Account Groups


When creating accounts via an opportunity in the Aria for Salesforce user interface, you can set an Aria Functional Account Group. This field is the functional account group number specifically designated for statement sequence number assignment. This parameter is configured when creating an account under the Aria Account Functional Group drop-down or revised after an account has been committed to Aria. 

You can sync sequence groups from Aria to Aria for Salesforce during client plan sync and add/view/edit the sequence groups on accounts in Aria for Salesforce. When an account is created, this value is passed to Aria during commit. In an existing account, the user can view the sequence group and update it. 

This functionality ensures that statement numbers are generated correctly even for statements/invoices generated directly by the creation of the account.

Set sequential functional group on account creation 

  1. Create a new account in Salesforce.
  2. Select the Aria Account Functional Group on the account page.
    To sync the functional group ID Values:
    • Go to Aria Systems App.
    • Select the Client Plans tab.
    • Click Refresh Client Plans from Aria.

Aria Account Functionla Group UI 3.17.png

  1. Click Save. 
  2. Create an opportunity
  3. Add/Modify Plans for the opportunity. 
  4. Commit opportunity. The account is created in Aria with the Aria Account Functional Group value as defined in Salesforce and can be invoiced.

Update sequential functional group on an existing account 

  1. Go to an Account Detail page.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the Aria Account Functional Group. The field displays a drop-down. 

Edit Functional Group 3.17.png

  1. Select the updated Aria Account Functional Group
  2. Click Save. The group ID is saved and updated to Aria in real time.
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