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Aria’s integration with Salesforce.com, "Aria For Salesforce" (AFS), automates sophisticated business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) recurring revenue models. Aria offers AFS via a link your implementation specialist sends on demand, from which you can install it on your existing Salesforce.com instance.

Aria For Salesforce (AFS) is a 100% Salesforce.com native app, built to access Aria’s subscription management capabilities while leveraging the power of Salesforce.com. There are no additional components needed to integrate Salesforce.com with Aria. AFS syncs near-real-time with Aria via on-demand API calls, the Aria Salesforce Loader, and scheduled APEX batch jobs. It works with Salesforce.com Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce.



Aria-Salesforce.com Synchronization

  • Once AFS has been installed and the Aria Product Catalog configured, Plans and Services will be synchronized by either a scheduled APEX job or on demand via the Refresh Client Plans button. 
  • Once you commit an opportunity to Aria, AFS keeps the Aria and Salesforce.com Accounts in sync with API calls and the Salesforce Loader.
  • Items that can be synchronized:

Aria Accounts

  • Billing Groups
  • Parent-child Account Relationships
  • Terms of Agreement
  • Plans
  • Collection
  • Dunning
  • Payment Method
  • Coupons
  • One-time products
  • Invoices
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Statements
  • Comments (System logs)

Aria Product Catalog

  • One-time products
  • Master Plans
  • Supplemental Plans
  • Services and pricing

On-Demand Synchronization of

Accounts Product Catalog

via Refresh from Aria button

via Refresh Aria Transactions button

via Refresh Client Plans button

  • Plans
  • Billing group
  • Collection
  • Dunning 
  • Payment Method
  • Coupons
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Statements
  • Comments
  • Plans
  • Services
  • List price
  • Currency
  • Discount 
  • One-time products 
  • Templates (statement and credit notes)

Billing Transactions

You can initiate Aria billing transactions from within AFS for accounts that have been committed to Aria such as:

  • payments,
  • refunds,
  • credits,
  • credit memos, and
  • rebills.

Account Management

  • To create or update an account in Aria in AFS, you must create an opportunity with at least one billing group and one plan. You can also add one-time products and contracts to the opportunity.
  • Billing groups: Assign and update billing groups, which define notification methods, statement templates, credit templates,statement contacts and payment methods.
  • Plan selections:
    • Add, upgrade/downgrade plan units, cancel plans, and apply discounts to selected plans. 
    • Swap plans, allowing customers to replace existing plans with eligible replacement plans.
    • Plan start and billing options:
      • Define effective dates of plans, plan status until the start date, billing dates, and proration options.
      • Add or edit existing rate schedules.
      • Plan configuration allows customers to define subscription ID, subscription status, status until start date, effective date, dunning group, apply coupon/promotion to a plan and has an option to define if the plan is parent-pay(by default it’s set to self-pay). To set a plan to be parent-pay, parent-child account relationship needs to be created first.
  • One-time products:
    • Assign one-time products and contracts
    • Bill one-time products immediately or later
  • Promotions: Apply coupon or promotion code
  • Logs of account-related activity: Aria Transactions, Account Comments, and Usage history.

Enhanced UI With Salesforce.com Lightning

For any customization, we recommend clients to use our custom section to build any customization that they need.Using this custom section will allow the customization to be part of add/modify plan or manage flows and be part of the API calls to Aria. For more details see customization section. 

Starting with SFDC 4.0 release, Aria for Salesforce is now available on Lightning as well. Aria for Salesforce allows allow users to do the following:
•On add/modify plans(Classic)or manage plans (Lightning):

Features of the Aria For Salesforce Integration 

  • Near-real-time synchronization. Aria Provisioning events are consumed by the Salesforce Loader to sync account related changes in Aria. AFS calls Aria APIs to reflect account changes that occur in AFS.
  • On-demand synchronization within Salesforce.com using the CommitRefresh from Aria, Refresh Aria Transaction, and Refresh Client Plans from Aria buttons available in the interface.
  • The Salesforce Loader provides efficient, near-real-time sync methods to accommodate large volumes of account and transaction data from Aria to AFS.
  • Batch synchronization via nightly Apex batch jobs.  
  • Account Management With AFS on Salesforce.com
    • Create and send Quotes using products in the Aria product catalog.
    • Create and manage Opportunities using products in the Aria product catalog.
    • Assign billing groups, payment method and contacts.
    • Add, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel plans within a customer's account; modify plan start dates and billing dates; and choose proration options.
    • Add custom rates for, apply discount and promotions to an account plan.
    • Assign one-time products and contracts
    • More on AFS account management
  • Data mapping
    • Aria account supplemental fields to specific Salesforce.com account fields.
    • Aria product supplemental fields to custom fields on account plan and client plan custom objects.
    • More on AFS data mapping



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