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Access Workflow

Accessing Aria Workflow

Aria Workflow is available in the left navigation panel of the Aria UI for users who subscribe to this functionality. See below for Assigning Workflow User Access.  

Clicking the Workflow link opens Aria Workflow in a new window, without requiring you to enter a separate log in.

Note: If you update the authorization key in Aria, you must also update the authorization key in Aria Workflow (System > Settings).

Workflow Menu Screenshot.png

Assign Workflow User Access 

Two roles are available to assign user permissions to Workflow:

  • Workflow Designer: This role grants access to folders in which designer entities are created for end users, allows the user to create new folders, and runs Workflows as end users in the Aria Workflow portal.
  • Workflow Administrator: This role grants full access to all folders and functions in Aria Workflow portal.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Security > Roles

Workflow Designer.png

Check the appropriate access for the user.

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